September 12, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday September 12th

Good Evening TES Friends!

Evening - that means the Monday is over and done with (for this week), and now we can focus once again on football.  A double header of the NFL with the Pats at the Dolphins on now, and then at 10:15 the Raiders visit Denver.  Both games are on ESPN, and that will wrap up the first full week of college and NFL football for 2011.  One that pretty much sucked for we here at TES.

First there was the Hawkeye failure to hold the lead against Iowa State (much more about that on Thursday with the Week 3 Game Notes), then the Cowboys blew an even bigger one last night against the Jets. I do pull for the Jets as my local team (can't cheer for an NFC east team, being a lifelong Cowboy fan), but in that matchup it was Dallas all the way.  Hoping that both teams can rebound this weekend.  At least the Notre Dame/Michigan game was one for the ages, with the Wolverines winning a game that had 3 touchdowns in just over the final minute.  Always pulling for the Big Ten in these out of conference games.

The news got worse for both Hawk fans and my friend Hamlet, when word came out today that Nate Kaeding is out for the season with an ACL tear.  Hamlet's first year doing fantasy football, and out goes his kicker, one of the best in the NFL, all time.  Get well soon Nate!

In other news, Serena Williams' run through the US Open ended with a thud yesterday, falling to Sam Stousur,  2 and 3.  If losing wasn't bad enough, she once again exploded, this time at the chair umpire, and today was docked a measly $2,000.  And I do mean measly, as she got $1.4 million for getting to the final after her US Open Series run.  In light of the fact her last outburst was here in NYC the last time she played in the US Open, that fine should have been more like 50 grand.  Gets some guts USTA!

The men's final, delayed by the two days of rainouts last week, is currently airing on CBS.  But possibly for not much longer, as Djokovic is up two sets on Nadal 2 and 4, with the 3rd set at 5 all.  If it ends this way, it will be the 6th straight time that Nadal has lost to his rival, all this year, and all in the finals of a tournament.  An epic season for Djokovic, one for the record books.

Don't look now, but if the Dodgers win tonight, they will be back at .500!  Being above it will give them great momentum heading into 2012, which will be even greater with a new ownership group in place.  To add to that, it was announced the other day that Vin Scully will return in 2012, for his 63rd season calling Dodger games.  Things are finally looking up for the Bums!

TES will be back tomorrow night, as the Hump Day is on the verge of arrival, and then the day after that, the football weekend begins again!  Have a wonderful night!

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