September 9, 2011

The Eternal Season - Friday September 9th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

Friday afternoon!  We made it!  Bring on that weekend!

Weekend that has wall to wall football.  Well, not in the morning, unless you live way west.  But still, college tonight, all day tomorrow, then NFL all day Sunday and Monday night.  It has begun!

And what a start the NFL got last night, as the Packers held off the Saints 42-34 with a game not decided until the game was over.  My inner Yogi.  As you know but almost never see, a football game cannot end on a defensive penalty.  On what was the final play, the Pack was flagged for pass interference in the end zone.  So the Saints got one play from the 1 yard line.  After passing their way down the field with no time outs in under a minute, they tried to ram the ball home with Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram.  But the Green Bay defense shoved the New Orleans offensive line back, and Ingram was stopped for no gain, and the game ended. Again. An instant classic.  Well, unless you are a fan of defense.  That was the first time in NFL history an opening game had both QBs throwing for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns.  I think most thought the non-offseason would give an early season advantage to defenses.  Maybe Sunday.  The games kick off at 1:00 on Fox and CBS, with the Cowboys-Jets game on NBC Sunday night.

The college boys give us a double header tonight.  At 7:00, Florida International visits Louisville, then at 10:30 the Paper Tigers visit Arizona State.  Both games are on ESPN.  Watch the later game, which will end about 2:00 am eastern, then get some quick shuteye before the noon kickoffs tomorrow.

Which include, of course, the Iowa State/Iowa showdown.  Nice to get our game out of the way early so we can enjoy the later matchups that are worth watching.  See the listings below to find a game of your liking.

As you also know, the college sporting landscape could be due for some major change in the very near future.  The SEC has backtracked and officially offered admittance to Texas A&M.  The other Big 12 schools are threatening legal action, but as long as A&M complies with any cash and time that required to leave the conference, there is not much the others can do.  That would of course leave the SEC with 13 teams - which isn't going to work, so they won't be done.  The has been word over the past 24 that the Big Ten may have had recent talks with both Texas and Notre Dame.  Times, they are a changin'.

Should you also like tennis, the two day wash out at the US Open has crammed lots of quality matches into the weekend.  Today, the last two men's quarterfinals, where Andy Murray just took out John Isner,  and just now Andy Roddick and Rafael Nadal took to the court to decide the last of the 4.  This is on CBS.

Tomorrow both men's and women's semifinals are played.  The men start at noon, and then the women are in prime time (all on CBS).  The women's final is now Sunday, with the men's pushed back to Monday afternoon.

For soccer fans, the weekend is slammed full with international soccer, of the league variety.  For fans of football and soccer, that works out kind of well - watch your European soccer teams in the early AM Saturday and Sunday, then come back to football in the afternoon.

I might have some of that soccer on as I prepare to head to the bar for the Iowa game, but as of noon Saturday, it's all football all weekend.  I hope you are able to enjoy some of the action yourself, the summer has 'ended', so this is what fall weekends are about!

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