August 9, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday August 9th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

Tuesday afternoon, that is.  Why not?

A great song by a great band!

Hump day in sight, the fact that the sun has gone down and risen again means we now sit 23 days and 2 hours from the start of college football.  24 days, 20 hours until the Hawkeyes take the field.  Since we are in a video sharing mode today, here is an excellent one from highlighting the first week of camp.

Just click on the site, the video will load in a moment.
Tuesday also has us two days away from the start of the NFL pre-season (Thursday night), and one day away from a new era for US Soccer.  We face Mexico in a friendly Wednesday night (9:00 pm, ESPN2 and Univision), that game is number one for new coach Klinsmann, so there will be a lot of hype and attention paid to it. 

Today also starts the Little League World Series - you can follow that on ESPN2 as of now.  Great seeing baseball played by those who only have love for the game - well, at this point, some of them will be in the big leagues in about 10 years, and then money gets some of the love. 

Dodgers blew their chance to gain a game on both the DBacks and Giants, falling to Philly 5-3, in a game where Dodger defensive bumbling led to a 3-0 hole after 2 innings.  Tonight they will take their hacks against Cliff Lee, and this one is not on MLB network, so only my CA friends will be seeing this one.

All the golfers are now in Atlanta to prep for the PGA Championship, the last major of 2011.  That will kick of Thursday with coverage on TNT.  As of last night, it seems the Adam/Steve camp will have nothing more to say about Tiger, so the focus of the weekend will hopefully be on the golf, and the guys who are in contention.  Though that would make for good tv - seeing Tiger and Adam in the same group.

Well we were going to try and be active ourselves with a light run in the park, but some t-storms have rolled in - hoping they move out soon.  And hoping your day has gone well, and that is ends soon!

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