August 2, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday August 2nd

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

Getting a bit late in the afternoon on a Tuesday, which means Hump Day is nearly here, and once again, we can begin to think about the weekend.  Glorious weekend.

A weekend that will have us just 4 weeks from the start of football season (as of Thursday night).  In the NFL, things have quieted down a bit, as most major free agents have found homes (where they can't start actually practicing with a new team until Thursday).  Less news of player movement means more news of actual football, where the talking heads are now dissecting the various players and teams chances for the season.  Can the Cowboys rebound, is the Pack set to repeat, can the Patriots make a run at another title, and of course, the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl (so sayeth the coach. Again).  If the Jets give Shonn Greene the ball 20 times a game, that would help.

The biggest news of the past 24 hours was the so-called retirement of Randy Moss.  This about 10 days after his agent said he was in the best shape in years and ready to do something like his 2007 season with the Patriots (23 td receptions, an NFL record).  Seems that the teams Randy was hoping to sign with don't need wideouts (i.e. New England, having already signed Chad 85).  But, being as there are 5+ weeks until the NFL opens up, I highly doubt this will be it for Moss.  Time will tell.

The Dodgers can almost count on a win every 5th day, at least, and sure enough, Kershaw delivered again, scattering 6 hits in the 6-2 complete game victory over the Padres.  It's not inconceivable that the NL Cy Young and NL MVP (Kemp) could both come from a team that seems destined for no better than 3rd place.  Going for 5 straight over San Diego tonight, with Kuroda on the mound, and he is overdue for something good to happen.

A full slate of 15 baseball games today, and all of them are under the lights, so you can catch your local team if you are so inclined.  August, the dog days of summer, and go time for pennant races. 

As a follow up to yesterday's news about teams moving into Carver Hawkeye Arena, today we hear that the Iowa Womens Hoops team has had their first session inside the new (air conditioned, which Carver is not) practice facility.  Yes, it's early August, but the Hawkeye ladies are soon off to Europe for a game playing tour.  So they get a few practices to prepare.  Expecting big things out of both our hoops teams this year.  Good luck gals!

Tiger had a press conference today after a practice round, said he felt good, just needed a change so that is why he canned his caddy, and wouldn't be there if he didn't feel he could win it.  Coverage starts Thursday, and this is a tournament with no cut after Friday, so the ratings will be there all 4 days.  Elation for the broadcast partners. 

The Tuesday is nearing the end - I hope you have had a wonderful day, and that you have a relaxing evening tonight.  Catch you tomorrow!

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