August 23, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday August 23rd

Hello TES Nation!  Late Tuesday, Hump Day in sight, one day closer.  We are rocking and rolling here in Gotham, and I ain't talking bout the music!

Closer to the weekend, closer to football.  9+ days until real football, 10+ days until the Hawkeyes open the 2011 season. 

And news today that we won't have to see the Hawkeyes grimace as they take the Cy-Hawk trophy back to Iowa City in week 2.  The Iowa Corn board has heard all the negative talk, and announced that the trophy will be changed, and there will be input from fans on the new design.  Most likely voting on various designs.  More info to come soon. 

Being as we are in the last day of August, the sporting calendar is still pretty slim, aside from baseball, soccer, and the tennis pros in the final tune up before the US Open.  That's ok, as we at TES have been kind of consumed with watching reports from Libya for the past couple days.  We love seeing oppressed people rise up and overcome dictators, kings, and the like.  Now, if we can get those NATO bombers to head a bit more east, help some others out. 

Today also brought news of the passing of two major stars from the world of rock and roll and r&b.  Whenever we are writing TES, we have Q104.3 playing in the background - rock, blues, jazz and soul music has been a central part of our life since birth.  Nick Ashford, of 70s super couple Ashford and Simpson died here in New York after a battle of throat cancer, and Jerry Leiber, who co-wrote many of the early rock staples, died in LA from cardio-pulmonary failure.  Much about the two can be learned with a quick trip to Google and YouTube, but here is a nice page detailing the biggest hits that these men were responsible for:

Nick Ashford - Jerry Leiber Hits

Just as we have video to relive the exploits of great athletes who are no longer with us, we have all kinds of audio to help remember the giants of song.  They never really die, like another song says.

One tidbit from last night, while the Giants crushed the Bears, NY lost not one but two cornerbacks - Terrell Thomas, and Brian Witherspoon, to season ending ACL injuries.  Both on plays that didn't seem bad, hit wise.  Most likely more fallout from the lockout. 

On the sporting front for tonight, we have 3 CONCACAF Champions league games, with coverage on Fox Soccer, and being Tuesday there is no national baseball coverage, check your local listings.

But that's all right, we are going to spend our evening playing some classic tunes, while we wait for the presumed aftershocks.  Though, on the solid ground on which Gotham is built, we may just have to crank up the music to get the building to shake.  No problem with that!  Have a good night!

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