August 16, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday August 16th

Good Afternoon TES Nation!

Late Tuesday, the Hump day is almost in sight, one day closer to the weekend, one day closer to the start of a new season.

Turned on SportsCenter last night after sending out the blog, just in time to see Jim Thome (now of the Twins) become the 8th man to join the 600 home runs club - and the only guy to do it recently who has never been linked to steroids or anything else.  And he did it with two solo shots last night, the only guy to hit that number with two homers in the same game.  Not only is Thome clean of suspicion regarding drugs, he is widely regarded as just about the nicest guy in baseball.  Good things do happen to good people once in a while.  Next stop, whenever he gives it up, will be Cooperstown. 

In other baseball news, the Dodgers fell to the Brewers 3-0, in a game where LA had at least 3 guys thrown out on the base paths (not force outs).  Here's hoping they pay a bit more attention tonight. 

Good to see that the Jets have gone to Shonn Greene as their number one tailback, he only played the 1st quarter along with the rest of the starters, but he had a nice 20 yard run where he shoved a linebacker out of his way to get about 9 more yards.  46 Hawkeyes are currently on NFL rosters, we'll see what happens with the regular season cut downs.  If I ever get talked into doing fantasy football, I can probably draft all Hawkeyes, that's about as much thought as I want to put into it.

Another day where about all you can find is baseball and soccer on the tube, so I've got a little UEFA Champions League going at the moment.  When I mean there is always soccer going on, this is it - these teams just started their league play last weekend, and have the next league game this weekend, with these tournaments going on in between.  If you want healthy kids, give them a soccer ball!

All right, when we come to you tomorrow, the week will be past the half way point.  The weekend will begin to come into view, and with it, there will be just one more to go before they will be filled with football, all the way into early December.  Have a good evening!

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