August 25, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday August 25th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!  Thursday afternoon - at 6:00 pm tonight, 7 days away from the start of college football!  Tick Tick Tick!!!

And at 6:00 pm, we'll all be done with Thursday, with just one day to go til the weekend.  Almost there!

Of course, the major sporting news over the past day plus was a bit sadder, as life once again forced its way into the secure world of sports venues.  Pat Summit, the legendary coach of the Tennessee Womens Hoops team (8 national titles), has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia, the kind that will most certainly lead to Alzheimer's.  She is just 59.  This news struck especially close to home, as our Mother Nancy died from complications of the same thing, at age 64.  Summit is hoping she can coach for at least three more seasons - relying, obviously, on her long-time assistant coaches (89 combined years among them).  But, as if getting the early-onset is not bad enough, there is the fact that it tends to erode brain capacity much faster than your regular Alzheimer's, which is more likely to strike much later in life.  The road ahead will not be easy, and there should be no shame in her stepping down if things get too difficult.  For all our medical advances, we are still a long ways away from getting this disease figured out.

Now onto happier thoughts - just as we put the baseball season to bed, the Dodgers go and bush-whack the Redbirds into a road three game sweep.  The Rockies head to LA tomorrow night, another sweep before the month ends?  Stranger things have happened!

But things are really headed into football now, and the US Open, which kicks off play next Monday.  Tonight, week 3 of the NFL Preseason gets under way, with 3 games on the slate.  Panthers at Bengals, Cam Newton v. Andy Dalton, at 7:00, with Browns and Eagles on at the same time, local coverage only.  Skins and Ravens are on ESPN at 8:00.

But college football is what comes first.  Now that class has started for the U of Iowa, camp has ended and good old practice is what the student-athletes are doing now.  At some point today the football team is expected to release their latest two-deep - and then we'll start to have a real good idea of what will be on the field come noon September 3rd.  Oh, and as far as staying under the radar is concerned, now we got ESPN guys saying Iowa v. Ohio State in the Big Ten Title Game.  Pay no attention, national media.  And it's Iowa v. Wisconsin in the title game, anyway.

Apparently the Spanish soccer teams have made good on their back-pay problems, so the strike is over and the new league season kicks off Saturday over there.  For fans of football, and fans of futbol, the tvs are soon packed with events day and night.

A day full of showers here in Gotham, as we watch as Hurricane Irene draws closer - we are off to stock up on a few essentials, if you are in the path I'd think about doing that too.  Guess it's looking like a weekend to hunker down and watch sports!  Darn.  But a nice day tomorrow, TES will see you then!

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