August 18, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday August 18th

Good Afternoon Friends!  Midway through Thursday afternoon, weekend here we come!

And a bit of a strange Thursday, it has been so far.  It started with the NFL allowing Terrelle Pryor into the supplemental draft, which the NFL moved back to next Monday, for the Pryor situation to be settled.  But, there is a catch.  Because the Buckeyes suspended him 5 games for his NCAA infractions, the NFL has also suspended him 5 games.  If he is drafted, which is likely, he can then join the team for practice and pre-season games, but he will not be allowed to play or practice (just attend meetings) until week 6 of the NFL season.  Why the NFL is doing this is not clear to me or most of the talking heads I have heard so far.  But as others have pointed out, joining a team this late, for a QB that does not possess the types of skills most NFL teams want - well, he won't be seeing the field for a long time anyway.

Shortly after that news broke, MLB announced that a player, 30 year old Mike Jacobs, had been suspended for 50 games for testing positive for HGH (human growth hormone).  The catch?  He is a Rockies player, but in Triple A.  They test for HGH in the minors - BUT NOT in Major League Baseball.  Why?  Because that is something that the union has to agree to - which they have been discussing with MLB, but there is no real idea when it will be done.  Jacobs becomes the 1st US pro athlete to be busted using this (he said he did it to overcome a knee injury).  Time for all leagues to step up to the plate and require mandatory random testing for HGH.

The Georgetown U hoops team is over in China, doing a playing tour, where today they faced a professional Chinese squad.  It was a bit rough, by basketball standards, and a bench clearing brawl broke out in the 4th quarter.  This prompted the coach to pull Georgetown off the court, where they were showered with bottles as they went to the locker room.  As of yet, no video of this has emerged, but we'll keep looking.

The Big Ten Network's Iowa preview aired last night, and we got a little peak at what was then the 8th day of practice.  There wasn't much that stood out, in terms of things we didn't already know, and Kirk said a bout as little as normal during his segment.  Still, good to see the guys working, and it seems they are all hungry to put the disappointments of 2010 behind them. 

Thursday, we finally get to see some other events today and tonight - the Little League World Series is down to the final 16, that is airing on ESPN this afternoon and tonight.  For tennis fans, the Western and Southern Open is on ESPN2 this afternoon and evening.  We also get another pre-season NFL game, Eagles at Steelers, at 8:00 on Fox. 

Football - that reminds me, at 6:00 tonight, we will be 14 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes away from the return of college football.  Two weeks!

All right friends, the day is almost done, when we next meet it will be mere hours until freedom.  Get your weekend plans set!  Oh, and there is just this weekend and next to get any kind of chores done - after that, football takes over Thursday night to Monday night.

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