August 11, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday August 11th

Good Afternoon Friends!  Thursday afternoon!

How bout a song to lead things off.  Suitable, as we are all mentally checked out by this point.

Can I get some more cowbell?

Thursday - 3 weeks from tonight - at 6:00 pm eastern - there will be real, live, college football.  Tonight, quasi real football - 5 NFL pre-season games, but the only one you can see nationally is Seahawks at Chargers at 8:00, on ESPN.  I expect if you live in a NFL city you can probably see these games on a local channel.  Probably just 1, maybe 2 series for the starters, but football it will be.

 There is also news today that Texas A&M is once again taking a serious look at moving to the SEC.   One of the reasons appears to center around the new Longhorn network - and the potential risk to be at a serious financial disadvantage for teams other than Texas.  It's not the Big Ten when it comes to sharing, that's certain.  We'll have to see if these talks get others moving  - and if the end result will be the four 16 team super conferences. 

One more football note, tomorrow (August 12th) the Big Ten Network will be in Iowa City for their football tour.  The Iowa Preview show is at 8:00 pm eastern.

Team USA was badly outplayed for most of the first 60 minutes against Mexico, but we only trailed 1-zip.  Once we put some subs in - it changed almost immediately.  We got the tap in goal to tie it, and the USA had several more decent chances, as our forwards kept racing by the Mexico defenders.  But we couldn't get another goal, so it ended at 1-all.  Not a bad result considering, and we had a few key players that were not available for this game.  Reason to think we'll be much improved by the time World Cup qualifiers start next year. 

The PGA has started, and for a while, it looked like the Tiger of old had returned - he was at -3 after 5 holes.  But then the Tiger of new emerged, and he collapsed to finish at +7 - his worst major score, to par, as a professional.  And when you consider that Steve Stricker shot a 7 under 63, you figure Tiger has got a lot of work to do tomorrow to get to the cut line.  Suddenly, the weekend tv broadcasters are very, very nervous.  Round two tomorrow at 1:00 on TNT, Golf Channel has live coverage from the course all morning, but doesn't show any actual golf - you can see golf on with a good connection.

Last night was closer, but the Dodgers still fell to their 4th straight loss, 2-1.  11.5 back now, just about time to close the door on this season as we open up the next one.  There has got to be new ownership in place for 2012.

In other baseball news a team from DSM is playing in the LL World Series right now (ESPN), but trailing 5-1 in the 6th, so it looks like their run will end in the midwest semifinal.  And, that's it.  Better luck next year.

All right, the end is most certainly within sight now - enjoy your Thursday evening, we'll see you on Friday! 

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