August 7, 2011

The Eternal Season - Sunday August 7th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!  Hope your weekend has gone well so far!

Got too busy yesterday, but once the season stars, Saturday will be an 'off' day for TES, as we'll be watching football from 12:00 noon through the 10:00 pm kickoffs.  That's right.  :)

At the link below, there is a quick video showing the Hawkeye QBs and wideouts working on patterns and passes.  More pics and videos to come as practice goes on.

With Saturday slipping into the rear view mirror, the countdown clocks have eased inside of 4 weeks.  24 days, 6 hours, and counting until football returns, on that Thursday night.  Which means 24 days until I am a year older.  Alas; the birthday always coincides with football, which helps with the pain.

NFL camps are in full swing now that the free agents can practice with their new teams.  No Hall of Fame Game this weekend, which is kind of a bummer, but then again, it's never really a compelling football game.  Those to come soon.  The NFL opens one week later than the NCAA, on Thursday night September 8th, with a great showdown between the Pack and Saints.  Then our weekends will be complete, with football Thursday night, Friday night, all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and Monday night.  A world with 5 days of football.  Utopia. 

Speaking of football, ManU has topped ManCity today to open the 2011-2012 English Premiership season.  One that we are seeing more and more of here in the US thanks to Fox Soccer and ESPN.  There are a bunch of soccer games today around the world, see the soccer listing page below.

On the diamond, the Dodgers have taken the first two games in Phoenix, and they send Kershaw to the mound tonight - a sweep would have them 8 back on August 7th - stranger things have happened!  That game features two pitchers going for their 14th win.  Locally, the Yanks and Red Sox have swapped the first two of their series, leaving them in a dead heat atop the AL East, with the rubber match tonight on ESPN, 8:00 pm. 

Over the course of the weekend, Tiger has looked like a guy who hasn't played in a couple months.  He is at +4 through 13 today.  For a normal golfer, that would probably be ok after the layoff, but Woods can't be too happy.  Still, he got a tournament in, and a four round one at that, before heading off to the PGA next week.  A major, and Tiger.  Stranger things have happened.

You already know that NASCAR isn't my thing, but at least this week they have to think about a bit more than just gently turning left, as Pocono is a triangle.  Yeah, they are still turning left.  That is on now, on ESPN.

Hope that you have been able to have fun, whatever kind you are into, before the reality of Monday sets in!  But each Monday gets us closer to football season now, so they are not as bad as normal.  Works for me, anyway!

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