August 14, 2011

The Eternal Season - Sunday August 14th

Hello Again TES Friends, from a very, very soggy NYC.

Rain here all day, continuing all night, and that's the forecast for tomorrow as well.  Made for a good day to stay in and watch some sporting events.

And the lead story of the day was how the PGA came down to the end.  Jason Dufner, age 34, never a winner in a PGA Tour event, standing on the 15th tee with a 4 shot lead on the field, after Keegan Bradley, a rookie,  tripled bogied that very hole as Jason looked on.  He had played the 4 insanely tough finishing holes well all week, and just had to do it one more time.  But, it didn't work out that way.  He bogied 15, 16, and 17, all while Bradley somehow found the reserve to birdie 16 and 17, and when both finished the 18th with par 4s, it was a tie.

From there, you knew how it was going to end, the miraculous comeback for the 25 year old, the epic collapse by the 34 year old.  The playoff was the aggregate score of 3 holes, 16, 17, and 18 played again.  Keegan, 1 under, Jason, par.  Bradley, a rookie who had won once this season, but had not been in any of the three majors up to this point.  I am sure the Tigerless tv ratings took a nose dive over the weekend, but that was a shame, as it was a finish for the ages.
This weekend also featured the return of league soccer throughout most of rest of the world, which for many millions - or billions of people, brings elation, optimism, and the ability to not care so much that Monday is lurking.  Just as we shall feel in 17 days, with the return of football - American style.

To that end, the Hawkeyes held their annual Kids Day practice on Saturday, an event attended by about 11,000 kids, some parents, and lots of Hawkeye media types.  The consensus? Our QB looks fine, but the depth behind him needs a lot of work.  There seems to be much less concern over our lack of returning depth (behind Coker) in the tailback spot, as the young kids got some time with the first team, and showed promise.  The biggest question marks going into camp were the rebuilt defensive line and linebacker units, and it seems there are still question marks as of this weekend.  But we still have about two thirds of camp left, and we have known all along that this young team is going to get better as the season goes on.  So we won't spend time worrying about what goes on during a public practice, and focus more on the results we see just 19 days from now.

That's right, only two more weekends between now, and football!

I think we can hold off on the conference shuffle for now, as the SEC heads met today, and decided they were not going to extend an offer to Texas A&M at this time - but could, in the future.  Knowing that the SEC is ok with 12 for the time being, that should put the other Clemson/Missouri/FSU rumors to rest.  But, it's only going to take one move to start the ball rolling, so the Big Ten has got to keep their ear to the ground and be ready if things start to move again.  Hopefully though, we can get through the 2011-12 season just focusing on the conference races as they are today.

Just as we were are about to write off the baseball season, the Dodgers sweep the (admittedly terrible) Astros, giving up just one single run in the three game series.  Bout time to call up the youngsters and start seeing what they can do for the years ahead.  That, and figuring out how to get rid of the current owners once and for all.  In other news, Dan Uggla's 33 game hitting streak was ended by the Cubs, who also beat the Braves in the process.  DiMaggio's run of 56 still safe.  Perhaps, forever.

Monday approaches, but soon, they will end with football games.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend, regardless of what the weather was doing!  Provided we don't float away, TES will be back tomorrow!

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