August 8, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday August 8th

Good Evening TES Friends!

That's right, evening!  The Monday is over, finished, done with!  For this week, at least.

But we'll take it.  Football players all over the country, NFL, college, and high school are out there hitting the sleds and boning up on the playbooks, as the season grows ever closer.  And no two-a-days in the NFL anymore?  They probably have it easiest!

Then again, as some predicted, there has been a rash of injuries to NFL players through the first week of camps.  You probably would have thought pro athletes with million dollar contracts would have stayed in shape on their own during the lockout, but these injuries seem to indicate that many did not.  The mini camps and OTAs may not be fun, but they help players be ready for the rigors of camp.  By the time the season starts, they should be in playing shape - unless of course, the injury they suffer in camp knocks them out for the season, as has happened a couple times over the past couple days.

No such issues for the Hawkeyes, as they continue to practice with little attention being paid them by the national media.  The Big Ten Network Football Tour will be in Iowa City on August 12th, and they will spend the day talking Iowa Football.  But as we have said, that's ok with us, this has the makings of a team that will keep getting better as the season progresses, and people will start to notice the Hawkeyes when it's too late.

Lots of kids dream of playing football at an early age.  Soccer players, too.  Perhaps you have already heard that Real Madrid has signed a 7, that's seven, year old kid from Argentina.  Saw some youtube video of him, and I'll grant, he is good for seven.  And no, the kid won't be forgoing an education, the major clubs in Europe have soccer academies where kids are schooled and trained, though they usually start a few years later than 7.  Part of the reason the team did this was so they would have to avoid the prospects of paying up to, oh, $50 million or so later, just to get the transfer rights for him if some other team had him.  That's the transfer rights - nothing to do with the actual contracts for the players.

Kids playing baseball also dream of MLB careers.  Generally though,  you have to get through high school.  But those contracts are guaranteed, so baseball is a wise path to choose if you have the talent.

As far as paid ballplayers go, the Dodgers could not get the win for Koufax Light, as he gave up two 2-run homers to lose 4-3.  So they left Phoenix 9 games down, with Philly coming to LA tonight.  And here is a rare treat, that game will be on MLB Network at 10:00 eastern.  On this coast, the Yankees left Boston down a game, and the Mets season of misery just got worse, with both Jose Reyes and Daniel Murphy knocked out of the loss to the Braves on Sunday - both to the DL, where it appears Murphy is out for the season.  A tweak in his knee, as a result of being spiked on a play at 2nd base.  He'll be back next year, and it's baseball - guaranteed contracts.

Tiger finished that event at +1 and won $58,500.  His former caddy worked the bag for Adam Scott who won it, and the caddy got $140,000 ($1.4 million for Scott).  Kind of sad to see the gallery chanting 'Steve' and not 'Adam' as the two came up 18.  But golf could use a little bad blood I think, spice things up.

The Iowa ladies Hoops team is en route to Prague for their pre-season tour.  For a team with big goals this season, these extra practices and games will be invaluable.  Good luck gals!

Tomorrow, Tuesday.  A day closer.  Enjoy your evening, we'll see you on the flip side!

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