August 22, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday August 22nd

Good Morning TES Friends!

Monday morning - blah.  At least the sun is out here in Gotham, and it looks to be a beautiful day ahead.  Hope it is in your neck of the woods!

Well we got to watch a little bit of several kinds of sports this weekend - from preseason football, to tennis, to a Dodgers/Rockies game, and some soccer in England, France, and Germany.  But since we have moved past the baseball season, there wasn't a lot there that was satisfying, on a personal level.  That all begins to change a scant 10 days from tonight! 

Monday, yes.  Just one more, and then - weekends (and Mondays) will have meaning once again.

Bears/Giants tonight, 8:00 pm, ESPN.  A wee bit of meaning. 

The NFL Supplemental Draft is today, and now Pryor is saying he would be willing to play wideout if his draft team so chooses.  Smart move, just being on an NFL team is a pretty good gig.

Make that a really good gig, if you are Larry Fitzgerald.  Signed an extension with the Cardinals for a cool $120 million over 8 years.  That may just throw a wrench in the Titans/Johnson stalemate.  Oh, and news today that the Colts owner is in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  That's right, this weekend the Colts basically confirmed that Manning won't be able to go in week 1, still rehabbing his neck surgery.  And so - the owner is in Mississippi.  For what it's worth Favre's agent hasn't heard from the Colts.  Yet.

More unsettling news around sports this weekend, as two people were shot in the parking lot after the San Fran/Oakland game Saturday night, and a 3rd guy was knocked unconscious in a bathroom.  In light of the Dodgers/Giants incident, many seem to be wondering if sports fans are getting out of control.  Some, maybe, but then again, it's never been a good idea to mouth off when you are a visitor, that's been the case for long, long time.

There was some good news to come out of the weekend, the Iowa ladies hoops team finished up their
Europe trip with a 3-0 record.  Also, the Hawkeyes finished 43rd in the 2010-2011 Director's Cup standings, out of 284 teams.  That was our highest point total ever, but not our highest finish, which is 39th place.  Think we will do even better in 2011-2012.

Last, breaking news that the US Olympic Committee is NOT going to put forward a list of US cities to be candidates for the 2020 Olympics.  Probably a good idea, let's get this economy moving again before we make that kind of investment.

And with that, it's nearly lunchtime, see, the Monday will come to an end at some point.  Hope you have a wonderful day, TES will see you tomorrow!

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