August 1, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday August 1st

Hello TES Friends!  It's Monday!

Which doesn't suck quite as much as normal, as it's also August - and football returns NEXT month!

At 6:00 pm tonight (eastern) we will be 31 days away.  All NFL teams have now started training camp, and all major colleges open camp this week.  Soon enough, all the news will be about two-deeps and game plans!

While the NCAA teams are getting ready, the NFL state of constant signing/trading news continues.  As of the last 24 hours, the Jets seemed to have responded to the Patriots moves, by retaining Cromartie and signing Plaxico.  A couple of Cowboys (Barber and Williams) are now with the Bears.  And over the weekend some pictures of Stanzi tossing the ball around to his Chiefs teammates was great to see.  With each passing day, there will be more and more news about what is going on inside the stadiums and practice fields.  It's almost the most wonderful time of the year!

The MLB trade deadline has now passed (well, the first one) and the Dodgers made a logical move by moving Furcal to the Cardinals.  He has been often injured over the past couple years and the Dodgers need to get future shortstop Dee Gordon reps.  The future is now about all that the Bums have, dropping two of three to the DBacks this weekend has them 12.5 back at the start of August.  Time to start getting some prospects onto the field - and hopefully with new ownership in 2012, things can turn around.

Oh yeah, there was more pitching dominance on Sunday, as the Tigers Verlander almost tossed a 2nd ho-hitter this season, but ended up allowing 1 hit in the win over the Angels.  That win was over fellow 14 game winner Jeff Weaver, who got tossed after throwing the ball over a Tiger's head in the 7th.  It's hot out there, pennant races heating up, good to see some old time baseball!  The Giants were also held to 3 hits in their loss to the Reds. 

The swimming World's were going on this past week, and Michael Phelps, who started a bit 'slowly', still ended up winning 4 of the 7 events he entered.  Of course, he is gunning for London 2012, and this was a step in that direction.

In golf, 22 year old Yani Tseng (from Taiwan) defended her 2010 British Open title with a four stroke victory in the 2011 version.  That, her 5th major title.  Suffice to say, the Tiger on the female tour.  Olin Browne captured the senior US Open, his first win on that circuit.  And though this Thursday has not yet arrived, actual Tiger is making news again, by committing to future events like the PGA. 

And in tennis, Serena claimed her first title since her nearly year off on Sunday, by winning the Bank Of The West Classic.  That's a hard court tourney, she appears to be rounding into form just in time for the US Open, which starts this month - August 29th.

NCAA hoops returns in about 100 days, and there was news this weekend.  Seems even Coach K is susceptible to having some trouble with the complicated rules and regulations around recruit contact.  This is a minor issue in regards to typical NCAA infractions, just interesting that it would happen at Duke. 

And with the 100 day milestone fast approaching for Iowa Hoops, there is good news to report, that the various teams that call Carver Hawkeye home have started moving into their new offices.  Yes, it will help in the recruiting battle in years ahead.  Can't wait to get back and check it out! 

While August is exciting for it's proximity to football games, the month can kind of drag if you are a sports fan.  Today, 11 baseball games, some tennis, and only 7 soccer games, but none that really matter.  The Dog Days are here, but you can't have football season without going through them.

All right friends, it's past noon here on the east coast, so the Monday is nearing the halfway mark. Hope your week is off to a good start!

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