August 12, 2011

The Eternal Season - Friday August 12th

Friday night!  We made it TES friends!!!

The countdown clock is now inside of 22 days until the Hawks take the field.  The Big Ten Network was in Iowa City today, I was incorrect the other day, the Iowa Preview Show will air August 17th at 8:00 pm.  But today there was a lot of tweeting going on by the various BTN guys, and most of them were very complimentary toward the coaching, the hospitality, and the players.  In fact, if you were reading those posts all day, you would think this was a team that should be picked better than 6th in the conference.  Shhhh, don't let the word out, we are going to sneak up on people.

Soon after the reports came out that A&M was looking at the SEC, there were new ones saying that Florida State was doing the same.  But tonight there are reports that FSU is denying such talks have taken place.  But where there is smoke, there is you know what.  I think we all thought the conference shuffle was going to settle down for a bit - but it's looking now like the big guys will have to make some preemptive strikes to get the teams they want (i.e, the teams that have big populations around them, and thus, tv ratings/money).  Big Ten needs to get all the way to the east coast - not that Rutgers has huge (any) viewership in NYC, but having the likes of Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State playing so close would.  And yes, we Hawkeye fans would love to be able to take a train to see Iowa v. Rutgers as well.  If things are really about to be in play, the Big Ten must move - now.

Maybe we will have that NCAA Div. 1 football playoff in 2015...

Ohio State had their hearing before the NCAA today - we'll learn at some point if the self-penalties have been enough, which is usually not the case with an NCAA infractions investigation.  

The NFL kicked off the pre-season last night, and we learned - not much.  But that is ok, seeing the stands full, the players hitting each other, the cheerleaders - it brought a tear to the eye.  Tonight the Bucs/Chiefs are playing on Fox, where we have a good shot at seeing Ricky tossing the ball to Tony once again.

The biggest rule change in the NFL for 2011?  Kickoffs moved UP to the 35, and players must start no further back than the 30 - all this in the name of safety, but they are going to have touchback after touchback, and that is rather boring. You would also think that with just 5 yards of run up, there will be a lot of offsides calls on the kickoffs.  In fact, you have been able to actually see it happen, but no flags have flown - this is not the Florida/Iowa game.

For soccer fans, tomorrow is the full kick-off for the English season, and you can catch Fulham v. Aston Villa at 9:30 am on ESPN2.  There are live games from all over on ESPND (Deportes) after this game, all the rest of Saturday.  Time for The Eternal Season to begin the shift away from summer and into fall.

In golf, Tiger finished his 2nd round at 3 over - better, but the combined +10 meant he misses the cut.  The leaders? Jason Dufner and Keegan Bradley at -5.  Tiger, of course, won't be making the playoffs for the FEDEX Cup, which starts in two weeks.  Which means he won't be playing in a PGA Tour event in the USA until late January, at Torrey Pines.  Just like that, the golf broadcast partners - crying.  If you feel like watching, coverage tomorrow starts at 11:00 am on TNT, and then moves to CBS at 2:00 pm. 

All right, that wraps things up here for a Friday night, time to watch a little football! I hope your weekend is off to a good start, and that you are able to spend it having some fun with friends and family.

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