July 6, 2011

The Eternal Season - Wednesday July 6th

Good Morning TES Friends!

The Eternal Season - a Casey Anthony trial free blog.

Now that we are back in our old hood, I was able to finally take the field for my first softball game last night.  It felt good to be swinging the bat, (2 for 3, 1 run scored), and flashing the leather at 1st again.  We got smacked, but that's ok, it's corporate league softball, fun was had.  Remember, being a part of The Eternal Season means more than just watching sports!  Get out there!

But dress in little, cause it's hot!

Onto games that are played by people that are good.  There really hasn't been any news over the past 24 about the NFL lockout, we know they are meeting again this week.  But there is a growing sense that we could be near to a deal, if you follow the blogs and podcasts by people close to the game.  I guess the threat of missing checks for the players, and missing revenue of all kinds for the owners, is forcing everyone to get serious.  Just this weekend the NFL assured ticket buyers that the NFL Hall Of Fame Game (August 7th) is still on the books and will be played.  Clearly, being July 6th, things are now getting to a point where something has to be done - free agency, mini camps, training camps.  We will continue to keep our eyes on the news wire (wish I had one!) for any breaking details in the days ahead.

 Reminder that your Team USA ladies take to the pitch at 2:45 today, on ESPN and ESPN3.    On a personal note, also pulling for Norway to knock off Australia, which would get all my homelands into the quarterfinals.  National team soccer - a great time to cheer against your past enemies.  And France.

Dodgers lose again, bats a whiffin' in a 6-0 loss to the Mets.  The next hearing on the proposed financing that the Dodgers have set up (but opposed by MLB) is not until July 20.  So, not expecting much good to happen any time soon, and soon enough, the gap they are in will be too much.  Elsewhere on the diamond, Jeter needs 4 hits for 3,000, and today, the Rocket will start to find out if his answers to the various steroid questions are going to cost him any time or money.  My bet is yes.

You know college football creeps ever closer as the annual 'players on watch lists' lists start to come out.  To date, 5 Hawkeyes are on them, which we will get into as the season gets closer.  Still, nice to start seeing play-related headlines after all these months of everything but.

Off to find a way to beat the heat, hope things are decent wherever you find yourself on this hump day.  Get through today, your four day week is half done.  Have a good one!

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