July 13, 2011

The Eternal Season - Wednesday July 13th

Good Morning TES Friends!  Hump Day!

And semifinals day over in Germany.  Straight up noon, the USA takes on France, and then at 2:45, Sweden and Japan battle.  Both games on ESPN and ESPN3.  Seems all the American gals have put Brazil behind them and are focused on the next task.  Quick turnaround to be sure, but France also had to play 120 minutes on Saturday.  One more day of rest, but we'll see who has the better fitness level.

The MLB All Stars (some of them) went to the desert, and once again the NL pitching suffocated the AL hitting, giving the Senior circuit the 5-1 win - and home field in the World Series.  The big blow was Fielder 'The Smaller' blasting a 3-run shot, just after the AL had taken the 1-0 lead.  The players now get another day off, as some teams head to the next series, while others also get the day off tomorrow - 7 games on Thursday, 15 on Friday.  The Dodgers begin the 2nd half right there in Phoenix, on Friday, with Kershaw on the mound - gunning for 5 straight, and hoping to make a run that no one sees coming.  Locally, the Mets have just sent K-Rod to the Brewers - the trading deadline is July 31 - prepare for the sell offs to begin.

No news today - yet - from the NFL, but the feeling of most seems that it's just the rookie wage scale now, and they are probably getting ever closer to hammering those details out.  9 days until the first camps are scheduled to open.

Which means 50 days until the first Thursday of college football.  Ready or not, football will be here.

The Open starts tomorrow - coverage on ESPN all 4 days.  To their credit, ESPN is giving us a lot of coverage - 4:00 am to 3:00 pm eastern tomorrow.  And the Open has done a great job with the pairings, putting lots of tv worthy guys together.  Now, let's hope the winds blow.

Still a bit slow here at TES, but things will start to pick back up tomorrow.  Now, onto soccer watching, then a softball double header tonight.  We play the games too!  Have a great day!

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