July 5, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday July 5th

Hello Again TES Friends! We're back!

I hope you had a wonderful (and safe) long weekend, and that you are able to ease back into things today - though why is it that every four day week seems almost longer than a five day week?

So, what has been going on as the TES Control Center underwent the move?  Well, some good and surprising tennis for starters.  We got the men's final that most of us wanted, and Djokovic was able to dismiss Nadal in 4 sets.  That, about 48 hours after his semi-final win ensured that he would rise to #1 in the world rankings.  Things were more of a surprise on Saturday, where the assumption of a Sharapova return to the top never happened.  21 year old lefty Petra Kvitova pounded Maria with crushing ground strokes en route to the 6-3, 6-4 rout.  At TES, we like to see lefties win things!  We have yet to learn if this win signals an official arrival for Petra -  on a bigger stage.  For Novak, there is no doubt.  Starting in a couple weeks,  the US Open Series, as the players tune their game for the hardcourts, and prepare for the fortnight across the river in Queens.  For the fortnight across the Pond, there is news today that ESPN has won the rights to cover Wimbledon, starting in 2012, for the next 12 years.  While the enhanced, multi-platform coverage for tennis fans is good, the fact the finals will be on ESPN will mean no over-the-air broadcast for those who forgo the cable or dish. 

It's July 5 - looking for some NFL news?  Keep looking.  Although, I guess no real news is better than bad news.  Things got a bit more complicated yesterday, as a group of retired players lobbed a class action complaint at the owners AND current players, apparently miffed that they are not being included in the various secret meetings.  They do have a valid point - football must do more to take care of the injured and damaged competitors of the past.

Just over 60 days (and counting) until the first Saturday of college football, or 58 if you are looking toward that Thursday night.  The Big Ten is now 12, as is the Pac-10.  Things will really start to ramp up now as the players return to campus and prepare for fall practice, to commence in early August.  We will have our football.  At least some of it.

Transitioning to games that can be played on football fields, but with nets, the USA womens team has advanced to the World Cup quarterfinals, with one game to play to win the group outright, which is the goal for the seeding in the knockout round.  We face Sweden at 2:45 Wednesday, on ESPN.

On the diamond, the All-Star Game weekend is ahead, and the first half can't end soon enough for the Dodgers.  Yesterday's collapse against the Mets sent the Bums to 12 under .500, and I'm not seeing any new news about the ownership mess.  The symmetry would sure be nice if LA could begin the 2nd half under someone who actually cares about the team. 

The only ice this time of year is in our drinks, but the NHL just had an action packed weekend of free agent signings and player trades.  The Caps inked Tomas Vokoun to a one year deal, where he should help the young Caps goalies grow, and also give the team a shot at finally advancing to the Cup.

Here in the City, summer is back with a vengeance.  Things tend to slow down a bit now on the sporting calendar, but of course, they never stop completely.  Stay cool out there, we'll see you on Wednesday!

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