July 26, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday July 26th

Good Evening TES Friends - Night Edition!

The chaos has begun in the NFL - team facilities were opened up to players today, and many started arriving before training camps start opening tomorrow.  Every team's camp opens 15 days before their first pre-season game, that's the reason why teams are starting camp Wednesday through Sunday.

Teams can now start signing free agents - the college kind, those whose name was not called in the NFL Draft.  And to date, 7 Hawkeyes have signed on the line and become NFL players.  They are:
Ryan Donahue to the Lions, Brett Greenwood to the Steelers, Jeremiha Hunter to the Saints, DJK to the Eagles, Alan Reisner to the Vikings, Andrew Schultz to the Falcons, and Jeff Tarpinian to the Patriots.  I think all have a decent shot at final rosters or practice squads, but we'll see over the next month.  These guys are in addition to the 6 drafted Hawkeyes - teams don't have to worry about signing them yet as they hold their rights.

So, a great start to the NFL season for the Iowa program, the more players we get into the league, the more it shows high school kids that your NFL dreams should come through Iowa City.  And with so many guys on contending teams, the spotlight only gets brighter.
A little over a week until the Hawkeyes themselves take the field.  The Big Ten media have voted, and placed us 3rd in the Legends Division - so 6th in the B10 as a whole.  Under the radar, right where we want to be.

Back to summer sports, the Dodgers have won three in a row, a win tonight over the Rockies would get them a game from 3rd place.  Small steps, if they could be, say 9 back at the start of August, you never know what might happen.  No news of late on the ownership situation, having that end would obviously help, if too late for this season, certainly in 2012.  Locally, the Mets are out of town (Cincy), but Citi Field is in use tonight, for the World Football Challenge.

That's football, the soccer kind.  Juventus v. Club America, 7:30 pm on ESPN2. 

Football, soccer, and tennis, that is all that is going on today and tonight in the world of sports.  Of course, with NFL camps opening tomorrow, the calendar quickly turns to all-football-all-the-time mode.  It's just 36 days away - and counting.

We will be back tomorrow with news of any more signed Hawkeyes, and thoughts on other football related moves that the teams are making.  Have a wonderful evening, and remember that tomorrow is Hump day.  Finish it, the weekend comes into view!

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