July 19, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday July 19th

Good Morning TES Friends!

Woof - the dog days are here.  Day 3 of 7, maybe 8 straight in the 90s.  Good thing it's the slow season for sports, got to be careful running around out there!

You know it's slow when 7 of the 11 ESPN things in the Headlines box are baseball related.  Then there is an NFL headline, something about Yao retiring, and the return of the USA soccer team to here in New York. 

In baseball, the return to California didn't seem to wake up the Dodgers, who fell 5-0 to the Giants.  Still waiting for any news regarding the ownership situation, and as of now, no player trades or dumping has happened.  Elsewhere, pitching was in fine form again, as the Mets, Reds, and Brewers were all held to 3 hits in their losses.  A full slate of games tonight, ranging from 7:05 to 10:15 eastern.  Check your local listings.
Today also gives us semifinal #1 in the Copa America, Peru v. Uruguay, at 8:45 eastern.  We also get a slew of EUFA Champions League games, with starts from 11:45 am to 2:45 pm.  You will probably need the all-encompassing sports package to see those.

In tennis, the six week event known as the Olympus US Open Series has begun in Atlanta - the run up to the big daddy here in Queens.  Tennis Channel will have a lot of live coverage of these tournaments, starting this Friday.

44 days and counting until college football returns - no news yet today on what is going on inside the NFL discussions, but that is probably a good sign that progress is being made.

And that my friends, is it!  Stay cool out there - literally, and figuratively!

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