July 7, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday July 7th

Hello TES Friends!

Tonight - 8 weeks until college football.  And - my birthday.  Sigh.

The NFL owners, players, and yes, lawyers, are here in New York today - it is now sounding like we could be close to a deal - they are committed to staying through the weekend, if needed.  In the end, I guess $9 billion is something that can be split up.  Will continue to monitor the NFL news sites for any breaking developments.  Looking like we won't have to stumble around Sundays with no direction in a state of misery.  And, for further evidence that everyone can get a 2nd chance, Nike has re-upped Michael Vick - terms not disclosed. 
Well, team USA gave up a penalty shot and a deflected goal to lose 2-1 to Sweden, which means we face Brazil in the quarterfinals on Sunday.  That's the bad news, but the good news is that game is at 11:00 am on ESPN - had we won, we would have been playing at 6:30 am.  Still, we would have had to play them at some point, and there is the fact that we are US Soccer, and have won a whole lot more in the womens game than Brazil has.  Too bad this match up has to occur in this round, but it's a step on the road. 

The Dodgers scored some runs (3) but gave up 5, and lost again.  One more with the Mets tonight before a series against San Diego to wrap up the 1st half, and hopefully, the current ownership era.  No new news to be found, we're just looking for any good news we can find.

The golfers are back in the Midwest this week for the John Deere, the final tune up before heading over for the Open Championship, aka British Open.  Tiger will not be playing, ratings to suffer, but it's always entertaining watching the pros try to navigate those pothole bunkers. More on that next week.

One last bit for Hawkeye fans, here is a link with some photos of the nearly complete Carver Hawkeye renovations.  It will be ready to go for the fall semester, and will play a big part in our ability to stay level in the recruiting battles.


127 days - and counting - until Iowa Hoops returns.

Ok gang, it's hot out there - forecast is calling for some pop up thunder storms to roll through, that would sure feel nice!  The end is near, get through today, and Friday emerges.  Hang in there!

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