July 28, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday July 28th

Hello TES Friends!

Football!!!  Big Ten, or B1G Media Days have started, and Ron Zook (yes, he is still the coach) is leading off.  Nearly all the stuff that will be aired on the BTN is also streamed on the BTN website -


Right there on the homepage.  Been watching for about 10 minutes, no problems at all with the streaming.  Kirk takes to the podium at 2:00 pm eastern.  No, we won't learn any actual new news about the Iowa Football team in this 15 minute session.

It's Thursday!  At 6:00 pm tonight, college football will be 35 days away.  At noon today, 37 days until the Hawkeyes kick off.

There was semi-shocking news news late yesterday afternoon, as the Tar Heels ended the Bruce Davis era with his firing.  Guess it was not a surprise that it would come to that, but the timing, obviously, was perplexing.  No chance to get a free agent coach at this point, so they will be going through the season with the interim tag.

All right, back to the NFL - where things are not slowing down, with more teams reporting to camp today, and more big names are making news.  The Redskins have rid themselves of Albert Haynesworth, to...the Patriots.  Interesting, but then again, they did give Moss a try.  Reggie Bush to the Dolphins, who could also end up landing Kyle Orton (upgrade? not sold). Signings and trades continue to go on, keeping an eye out for any Hawkeyes who making moves.  Oh, and DJK has not signed with the Eagles, as was reported two days ago.

The Dodgers couldn't complete the sweep, falling 3-1, and now that the Giants seem to have acquired Carlos Beltran, the hole just got deeper.  Alas, almost time to start building for 2012 - and we need new owners to start that process.

Locally, the Yankees got smacked by the Mariners, a win that ended Seattle's 17 game losing streak.  Nobody got close to any no-hitters in the night games, but we'll see what happens in the days ahead.

The MLS All Stars fell 4-nil to ManU, which was a good thumping, though of course ManU is an actual team, the All Stars had all of one practice before the game.  But Red Bull arena was sold out, and very festive, to say the least.  Of course, you don't have to sell soccer in suburban NYC.

Thursday, so we get some golf on the schedule, 12 baseball games, some tennis, and 55 soccer games, including a bunch of World Cup qualifiers.  Little bit of something for everyone.  1.5 more days to kill, hang in there, we're almost there!

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