July 14, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday July 14th

Good Morning!  Finally, the heat is gone, and it's a beautiful day here in New York!  Hope it is where you are too!

The top ranked US Women's soccer team is where they are meant to be now - in the World Cup final.  The French put up a very good fight in this one, it really wasn't until the USA put in the 2nd half subs that we began to wrest control away.  In fact, it wasn't until Abby again scored with a header in minute 79 that we regained the lead, and then put it away just three minutes later on a great run and shot by Alex Morgan.  The header goal came on a corner - where the French also forget to mark Abby - to their dismay.  Here are the highlights!

While we were one of the favorites to play for the Cup, on the other side of the pitch, it's quite a surprise.  The money expected Sweden, who were 4-0 in the tournament so far, and they had the lead in the 10th minute.  But, Japan tied it up in the 19th, and they went to halftime still at 1-all.  But then Japan took the lead in the 60th on a header, and then just 4 minutes later, went up 3-1, when the Swedish goalie was caught way off the line, and the shot came in from about 30 yards out to beat her.  Here, the highlights:

So it's Japan v USA in the final on Sunday.  We are playing to confirm our place atop womens soccer, Japan is playing to lift up their country after a period of great suffering, which hasn't really ended.  It should be a great match.  2:45 Sunday on ESPN, more as we get closer.

Back to American football, the major players in the NFL talks are now here in NYC to try and find a solution to the obstacles still in place.  Sources today are not sounding like an agreement could be imminent - and the clock continues to tick along.  But we know the college football will be here soon - it's Thursday, which means 7 weeks from tonight.

Seven baseball games tonight, everyone is back on the diamond tomorrow - and the GMs are making the calls.  Deals to be done.  Dodger fans are not happy to hear that some of their stars could be on the block - all because of they who won't be named.  They continue to damage one of the crown jewels of professional sports.  Payback is coming, and it won't be pretty.

Off now to watch a little golf (The Open on ESPN), I see someone has posted a -5 already. so the winds must not be blowing much today.  Maybe tomorrow!

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