July 16, 2011

The Eternal Season - Saturday July 16th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

I hope your weekend is off to a good start!  Being the weekend, we lead with another one of our incoming Hawkeyes highlight videos - this week, Melvin Spears, #32, a linebacker out of Texas. Video courtesy of GoHawks TV.

It's Saturday!!! That means that at noon today, we were 7 weeks out from the start of Iowa Football. 49 days. And, today we have news that would indicate we won't have to wonder aimlessly around on Sundays with nothing to do.

Seems that in the past couple days, the talks here in New York have gotten over the remaining hurdles to ending the NFL lockout. The lawyers are now at it, creating the language, verifying each and every line. If the reports are true, the players could be voting on the new CBA by Wednesday - then the owners would do the same during their Atlanta meetings on Thursday. And that could lift the lockout on Friday. As things look now, teams would have 3 days to sign their own free agents, and then the normal free agency window would open (including the college free agents), and camps would then officially open mid to late the next week. Officially, that is, as many players are already together running little mini camps on their own. Disaster averted, our weekends will chock full of football like we wanted.

France and Sweden are playing the 3rd place World Cup game now, tomorrow Japan and the USA go for the title - 2:45 pm on ESPN. Japan has never beaten the US in 25 attempts, and this year alone we have had three friendlies against them, and won all 3. But, as we have seen in this Cup, the team is playing far beyond their ranking and perceived ability. The have technical excellence, holding the ball for long stretches of time, making you chase them, killing your energy to attack when you get the ball. That's the biggest challenge, we must hold onto the ball when we have it. And we must be prepared to strike when Japan makes the occasional mistake (as was the goal they allowed to Sweden). Where we do have the clear advantage is in set pieces - Japan's average height is 5'4. If other teams couldn't stop Abby on from goal line headers, that does not bode well for Japan. And we do have the best goaltender in Hope Solo. The US women will claim their 3rd World Cup title with a hard fought 3-1 win.

For soccer fans, there are a slew of games today, from the Copa America to the World Football Challenge.  See the listings below for details.

Not far away from Germany, the 3rd round of The Open is nearly complete - where after two sunny pleasant days, the southeast coast of England rose up in fury this morning. Wind and rain and general misery, as the average score from the early players was about 6 over 76. Things have improved a bit for the afternoon, where Clarke and Johnson co-lead at -5. It's shaping up for a great race to the finish line on Sunday, where coverage starts at 6:00 am on ESPN.

The Dodgers have now won 5 straight, thanks to another stellar start from Kershaw. They look to make it six in a row tonight in Phoenix. More news today from they who won't be named. He is asking the judge to lower the monthly payments he makes to her. And she has 7 homes, and is not planning on selling or renting any of them. Now we see just how easy it was for them to bankrupt the Dodgers.

Meanwhile, the Pirates are in 1st place for the first time since July 1997. And so are the Indians. I believe that was a pig that just passed by my window. On the 5th floor.

Hope the weekend is allowing you to relax and spend time with friends and family.  TES will be back tomorrow night - have a good one!

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