July 25, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday July 25th

Good Morning!  It's Monday - again.  But, this one is a little bit better, if you like football.

It the sources are correct, the NFL might even be returning in part today.  The vote by the NFLPA has not happened yet, but it seems it will by this afternoon.  Teams are also probably going to be able to talk to free agents today - theirs, and others.  Then starting on Wednesday, teams will start reporting to camp, but not all of them; a staggered schedule that would conclude Sunday.  So that is good, albeit there will be chaos for the NFL front offices trying to get all these deals done to get to the 90 man rosters.  We'll have our Sunday football on time, and the quality of play should not be an issue.  Well, except for the teams that we expect to be bad.

College football camps open in early August, but the spotlight is really starting to heat up with the media days going on - our concern of course are the Big Ten meetings, which will take place the 28th and 29th, in Chicago.  Or should we say, the Ohio State media days.  Actually, that will be the lead story, but not the only one, as we have four new coaches, two new divisions, and one new team.  There is not much happening on the gridiron itself yet, but preparations are being made to change that.

The Dodgers have won two straight!  Ok, but the second one was pretty interesting.  Billingsley started the game, and began by walking a guy, hitting one, then a base hit, and another base hit.  Dodgers down 1-0, bases loaded, and nobody out.

Guess he just needed to get warmed up, because he then struck out the next three batters to escape the jam.  The Bums took the lead in the bottom of the 1st with two runs, and from there, Billingsley was in command.  In fact, no more hits for the Nationals, as he went for 7 innings, and the bullpen cleaned it up.  A two-hitter in the 3-1 victory.  That was the closest anyone came to a no-hitter this weekend; in fact, the pitchers got kind of pounded in several games.  Hot out there, that probably played a role.  The Rockies are in LA tonight, with 3rd place on the line.  A long way back, but 3rd none the less.

Uruguay claimed the Copa America title with a 3-nil win. Two goals for the man with the best hair in soccer, Diego Forlan.   Many of the European soccer clubs are on tours right now, getting ready for the league seasons that begin next month.  Of note, ManU will be here in the Gotham area on Wednesday, taking on the MLS all stars.  That will be a lot of hype around here for this one.  ManU, and David Beckham, on the same field, just outside of NYC. 

Finally, a break from the 90s here today, I need to get out there for a little bit of activity.  May your weather be good as well.  Have a good day!

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