July 29, 2011

The Eternal Season - Friday July 29th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!  Friday afternoon - when you will soon be out of there, in the event you aren't already mentally checked out.

The NFL signing/trading/camp chaos is continuing again today, but there are other sporting events that for a brief moment, have taken a bit of the spotlight away from football.

Namely, Tiger Woods is returning to competition next week at the Bridgestone Invitational.  Tournament directors, and the tv broadcast executives, elated.  The other PGA players - well, we shall see how Tiger does.  Knowing him, I wouldn't think he would be back if he didn't think he could play up to his standards.

A day after USA Soccer fired coach Bob Bradley, the several year flirtation of Juergen Klinsmann has culminated with his hiring.  The press conference is Monday, the first game under him will be against Mexico on August 10th.   I expect the entire soccer world is watching this with a bit of worry, as the US becoming a soccer power is the worst possible nightmare for a couple billion people.  Hoping he is the man to make it happen.

You know we here at TES don't care much for the NBA, but it is worth noting that Kobe Bryant is going to meet with a Turkish team this weekend, to discuss playing there if the lockout goes into the season.  Other NBA players have been mulling this, but if Kobe is game, look for an exodus heading overseas.

Fans of cars going around in circles have the Brickyard 400 on Sunday - 1:00 pm, ESPN.  You also know that I like open wheel racing much more, but it is interesting to see the reverence the NASCAR guys have for the Indy track.  

For golf fans, you have the ladies in Scotland contesting the British Open - where the weather has been way too nice and the course is being aced by the field.  The older guys are in Ohio for the US Senior Open, and you have the regular tour as well.  But, if the weather is nice, you should be out there golfing!  Me, bad.  I stick to billiards.

And then - football!  Plaxico 'Drop It Likes It's Hot' Burress has been reinstated by the NFL, and is meeting today with yes, the Giants.  You can go home again, apparently.  Just leave the weapons behind.

So far, New England seems to be winning the team building battle, with Haynesworth and Chad 85 now in Foxborough.  Of course, things will continue to be in flux right up to the final roster trimmings.  Brett Favre is on the homepage of espn.com at the moment.  No, I have not heard of any teams showing an interest.  Thankfully. 

Today the Big Ten announced that the annual Iowa-Nebraska football death match will be called 'The Heroes Game' and is presented by HyVee.  Real life community heroes from each state will be honored at the game each year.  And there will be a new traveling trophy, but it won't be revealed until the week of the game - Thanksgiving week.  I wasn't that thrilled with the concept at first, we'll see if it grows on me over the next few months.  Not that I am opposed to highlighting the work of actual heroes, but the Friday after Thanksgiving is a day of shopping with some football thrown in.  Not really a time when people stop to acknowledge the good that others do.

The MLB trading deadline is two days away, as the Dodgers host Arizona for a series that could likely determine if LA will be active in it.  Still waiting for the chance to trade - or fire - the owners.  And waiting.

The weekend - you can almost taste it.  We'll be back tomorrow with another Hawkeye recruit video, and more on the nonstop updates from the NFL.  Enjoy your time with friends and family!

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