June 29, 2011

The Eternal Season - Wednesday June 29th

Good Morning TES Friends!

Wednesday - at lunch time, the week is half over.  We can get there...we can get there.

Another daytime filled with sporting action, over in England it looks like Federer is about to be taken to a 5th by Tsonga, this after Roger being up 2-love.  It's Nadal-Fish later, there appears to be some question on that foot after all, and we also have the latest hope for the UK, Murray, v. Lopez.  The men's final four will be set at day's end.  ESPN2 and ESPN3.

Across the Channel in Germany, Norway, one of the favorites, has just won, and the match of the day involves Brazil v. Australia.  The Brazil ladies have yet to hoist the Cup, for a country with such a rich soccer heritage, there is cause for worry should things start slowly today.  12:15 eastern on ESPN. 

So the Dodgers shutout string over the Twins couldn't get out of the 1st last night, in a game where Lilly didn't have his best stuff.  Still, LA was able to tie it up at 4 in the 5th, but then the Twins got a 2 run shot in the bottom of the 5th, and the game ended 6-4.  The rubber match is today at 1:10 pm.  Elsewhere, Cliff Lee of the Phillies handcuffed the Red Sox in a 2-hitter - Lee's 3rd straight shutout.  And as expected, I got no help from the Cubs, who dropped both games to the Giants.

In other Dodger news (yes, there was some) sources are saying that MLB is going to try and force-takeover the team, and then probably put it up for auction.  If that is the case, it would seem Cuban would be the likely winner, but we'll see.  I'd be ok with that.

In other baseball news, South Carolina just won their 2nd straight NCAA World Series title last night.  Ah, to be a southern baseball team.  Other than lacrosse, I think that about wraps up college sports for the summer.  Of course, being as July arrives in two days, it's time to start thinking about fall sports.

The NFL talks are still going on, and seem to be scheduled through Friday.  It's June 29 - perhaps they are finally getting the urgency.  For Iowa Football fans, here is a nice little article on Chuck Long, courtesy of  the ESPN Big Ten Blog:

And with that, Federer is out!  If Nadal's foot is anything less than 100%, this thing is all Djokovic's now. 

Back to packing, while keeping an eye on tennis and soccer.  Lunchtime approaches, that hump is within sight!  Have a good day!

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