June 15, 2011

The Eternal Season - Wednesday June 15th

Good Morning TES Nation!

Things are a little bit on the slow side at the moment, at least until tonight when the Stanley Cup Game 7 takes to the ice.  Reminder, 8:00 eastern, on NBC.  I believe that this is going to be the most penalized final, ever.  But really hoping for some clean, up and down hockey.  Make it worthy of the ultimate prize. 

In baseball, it seems of late the pitchers have reestablished themselves, witness Justin Verlander of the Tigers, who took another no-hitter into the 8th, before settling on a 2-hitter against Cleveland.  In LA, the Dodgers got 7 strong out of Koufax-Light, but then the bullpen allowed the Reds to squeak out a 3-2 win.  Locally, Jeter's hunt for 3,000 hits is on the shelf, as he went onto the DL with a calf injury.  It's one of those 16 game days in MLB today - the Marlins and Phillies have a day/night double header. 

The US soccer team got the win they needed last night, 1-nil over Guadeloupe.  Not exactly what you would call an inspiring win, but it's a soccer tournament, just win and move on.  We get Jamaica in the quarterfinals on Sunday. 

It's one of those weeks where the Big Ten Network devotes the day and night to one school, and today is Iowa's day.  Starting at 2:00 eastern, we have 2004 Iowa/Indiana hoops, then 07 Spartans @ Iowa football, Kinnick Icon show at 6:30, then the Insight Bowl, 2011 Purdue hoops win, and finally the LSU Cap 1 Bowl.  Set your dvrs!  And check out the BTN website for the full schedule if you are another Big Ten fan.

Throughout the day yesterday, there was borderline positivity from the various parties in the NFL mess. though today sources are saying the talks almost 'blew up' - as you might be able to guess, the talks seemed to be ok until the lawyers got involved.  But, things must have settled down, as the day ended with the prospect, perhaps slim, but one anyway, of there being a deal by the July 4th holiday, which would allow the league to sign free agents and start camp on time.  

See, a quiet night in the sporting world on Tuesday, but things get rolling tonight - hockey, the Open tomorrow, following that some tea and tennis across the pond.  And then, it's July.  So you see the urgency for the NFL to get things done.  Today we dip beneath the 80 day mark on our march to college football - no lawyers needed.  Unless you are Ohio State.  Or Tennessee.

A beautiful day in these parts, I am hoping the sun is shining wherever you happen to be too!  Have a great day!

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