June 1, 2011

The Eternal Season - Wedneday June 1st

Hello Again Sports Fans!

We have escaped the realm of the Golden Rodents, which is right next door to the land of Stinking Badgers, and are now safely back in the arms of Gotham.  I hope you had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!

The finals are now in full swing, as the NHL kicks off tonight, and the NBA started things up last night.  In a back and forth game, the Heat finally pulled away down the stretch to win it 92-84 and claim the 1-0 lead.  The biggest news was that Dirk tore a finger tendon on his off hand, but he seems able to go the rest of the way.  Game 2 from Miami, Thursday night, 9:00 eastern, ABC.

The Stanley Cup finals get under way tonight, as the Canucks host the Bruins in an extreme time zone showdown.  8:00 eastern, NBC.  But the biggest hockey news of the last few days concerns the Atlanta Thrashers, who have been sold and will move to Winnipeg for the 20011-2012 season.  That, of course, is a return to Winnipeg for the NHL, and will make all of Canada happy to see a warm weather team die so that a cold weather team can live.  The NHL has already said that the divisions will not change for the upcoming season, meaning my Caps, the Bolts, Hurricanes, and Panthers will be making some midwest trips for their Southeast division games.  But, expect division realignment starting with the 2012-2013 seasons.

Well, the owners without names seemed to have made the May 31st Dodger payroll, but probably had help to do it, and they owe $6 million to Manny in June, so this won't be going on much longer.  On the field, the Bums have won 3 in a row and scored 23 runs in doing so.  Only 4.5 back in the west on June 1st - we believe!

Oh yes, there was a bit of college football news over the weekend.  I guess in hindsight, the Buckeyes should have paid more attention to the problems that existed at Youngstown State under the Vest.  Kind of a shame the Buckeyes and Hawkeyes won't cross paths in 2011.  We are now 94 days away from Iowa football and 92 days away from college football itself.  It's June, meaning NFL camps should open next month, with college following in early August.  Nothing brewing that I have seen on the pro side, so we will have to get our fix on the NCAA game.  Most of the preview magazines are now out, and they all seem to agree on the Hawks being about 3rd in the Legends division, or around 6th or 7th overall in the B10.  Fine, coming out of nowhere is always more fun.

Into the quarters now at the French, and no real surprises at who is left to battle for the title.  But it should make for a solid weekend of tennis. 

Hurray for short weeks, I hope yours is off to a good start!  Have a wonderful day!

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