June 7, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday June 7th

Good Morning Friends!

We might soon be pushing typical summer heat outside, but inside the winter sports finals keep going on.  With emphasis, as Boston put an 8-1 beat down on the Canucks in game 3, to climb back into the series at 1-2.  All this, after star forward Horton was sent to the hospital in the 1st with a head shot that had him carted off on a stretcher - he appears to be ok, but won't return to the series.  No one scored for the balance of the 1st, but then the Bruins started laying the lumber, and the result was 4 goals in 13 shots in the 2nd, including one short handed, and one own goal on Vancouver (defenseman tried to block cross-ice pass, knocked it into his own net).  The 2nd ended at 4-0, and the 3rd started with the predictable run of players to the sin bin, and then 5 more goals went in for the 8-1 final.  Boston has momentum now, and Vancouver appears to be down two dinged up defensemen,  so this series could end up going the distance.  Game 4, 8:00 pm Wednesday, on Versus.

The Mavs will look to tie up the Heat in the NBA Finals tonight, that's at 9:00 on ABC.  If they can't get it done, the series could be over as early as Thursday, in Dallas, with the NBA'S 2-3-2 finals format.  That's actually what happened in 2006 - don't think Cuban wants to see the Heat dancing on his floor again.

Sure enough, the Dodgers move from the Reds to the Phillies, and the pitching got tougher.  A meager one run in the 3-1 loss.  15 games on the schedule tonight, and in some places, the boys of summer will sure feel like it's summer. 

There was more college football news yesterday, though not of the kind we like hearing.  Well, UCLA fans might like hearing it.  USC was stripped of it's 2005 BCS title (04 season) for using an ineligible Reggie Bush in the 55-19 laugher over Oklahoma, although the Trojans will get to keep their AP title.  Also, the Bruce Pearl/Lane Kiffin fallout has prompted the Tennessee AD to resign, just as the school goes before the NCAA for a hearing on various infractions. 

Bob Knight is even piping in on the college football mess, claiming that the NCAA is 'out of touch' with current players, and basically saying the rule the OSU players broke (trading stuff for tattoos) is a bad one.  He might have a point, but he should probably just focus on basketball, ESPN has enough college football analysts. 

I'm sure that all the female tennis players were glad to hear that Serena is going to play next week, in preparation to defend her Wimbledon title - a major she won in 2010, and then hasn't played, since.  Seems all her various little, and one big (a blood clot) issues have been fixed, and she is ready to play.  Somebody's draw just got tougher.

For the soccer fans, the Euro Championships (national teams) qualifying goes on today, as well as the Concacaf Gold Cup, which has the US and Canada squaring off at 8:00 tonight.  You will need Fox Soccer Channel (or streaming) to see it. 

That should get you through your Tuesday night and into Hump Day - I really hope your week is off to a good start, and stay cool out there!

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