June 28, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday June 28th

Good Morning!

With these Europe based tennis and soccer events, it's not just that we have games every day, but all day long as well!  Darn!

But we lead today with the Dodgers.  Apparently, somewhere in their heads, the filing told them that a corner had been turned, the end was in sight.  And so, they went out and laid a season high 25 hits and 15 runs on the Twinkies.  All while tossing a 4-hit shutout.  I was in error in my tweet last night, that was the first time since 1930 that every Dodger starter had a hit, rbi, and run scored.  The last time the Dodgers shut out the Twins in Minnesota?  October 14, 1965 - Game 7 of the 1965 World Series, Dodgers 2, Twins 0, Koufax (the original), a 3-hitter.  Bums look to make it three straight wins tonight, on a day that has 16 games, as Cubs and Giants have a double header.  Go Cubs!

The dust seems to have settled over in England, after the big names flamed out yesterday.  There was some concern that Nadal may have injured his foot, but tests were negative, so he will be good to go tomorrow.  Once again, you can follow the action on ESPN3 - by the end of today, the quarterfinals should be set. 

There was sad news today for college basketball fans - Lorenzo Charles, the one who caught the too-short desperation shot and rammed it home as time expired, giving N.C. State the stunning 54-52 win over Houston in the 1983 Final Four title game, was killed in a crash yesterday.  You have seen that dunk a million times, and then Valvano running onto the court, in a daze, looking for someone to grab.  A signature moment in 20th century college hoops.  Charles was just 47 years old.

Before there can be basketball, there must be football.  June 28th - the NFL peeps will be meeting in Minnesota this week - so much for secret - but maybe being in the Midwest, in close proximity to hallowed football shrines like Lambeau, Soldier, and...Kinnick, they will come to realize they are arguing over $9.3 billion, and get it done.  If not, college football starts 65 days.

Team USA starts their quest for the Cup at 12:15 eastern, on ESPN, today.  Also on ESPN3.  As is always the case, you never know what you are going to get with North Korea,  besides lunacy from the men in charge.  But they did have to qualify for the World Cup, so the womens soccer team must be all right.  A team we should beat by 4 goals.

That does it for today friends, the TES control room is moving at the end of the week, back to putting  things in bags and boxes.  Hope you have a great day!

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