June 30, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday June 30th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

Short and sweet this afternoon, have to pack up the TES Control Center for the move tomorrow.  As I will be still setting things up on Saturday, your weekly installment of 2011 Hawkeye Football Freshmen.  This week, offensive lineman (and some defense) Austin Blythe, #77.  From just up the road in Williamsburg. Thanks to GoHawksTV for this video.

Cross the Pond the women's final is now set - where it seems Maria Sharapova has regained her game, to meet Petra Kvitova, in her first major final.  That will be Saturday at 9:00 am on NBC.  The men's final four is all set, and they will battle tomorrow.  That coverage starts on ESPN2 at 7:00 am, then moves to NBC at noon.  The odds say Nadal and Djokovic shall win those matches, then meet at 9:00 am Sunday for the title, on NBC.

Tomorrow brings July - and the small group that has been meeting for the NFL talks seems bigger today - perhaps things are getting close indeed.  Saturday at noon we will be 9 weeks out from the first Saturday of college football.  We can almost taste it.

It's June 30th - will the Dodgers be paid today?  We can hope not - well, MLB will pay them, and that would start the process.  They are not playing today, headed back to near LA (but not LA) to face the Angels over the weekend.  With any luck, the final road series under the current owners.

One more baseball tidbit - Charlie Sheen admits he used steroids during filming for "Major League".  Maybe now we know why things are as they are inside that head.  Ok, it was probably more the cocaine.

Also on Saturday, the US Women face Columbia in the 2nd game of group play at the World Cup - 11:30 am, on ESPN.  3 points here would go a long way towards sowing up the group. 

Ok, when TES returns we shall be back in the City, and going through the fun and games that are unpacking.  I hope you have a wonderful, safe, and friend and family filled weekend ahead.  Happy Birthday America, land of never ending sports seasons!  And many other things to be thankful for.

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