June 2, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday June 2nd

Good Afternoon Friends!

Thoughts go out again to people who have been impacted by yet another killer storm to hit a city.  It's only June 2nd, and we have much of tornado and all of hurricane season to go.  Hoping we can focus on fun things like sports and not having to worry about what's going on outside.

The Stanley Cup Finals got underway, and for 59 minutes and 42 seconds it was the goalie showdown that the series will billed as.  Luongo and Thomas made save after save, many routine, and a few dramatic, before Thomas guessed wrong on a shot from his left, only to see it a pass to his right.  His right leg could not get back in time as Torres slapped home the game winner with just 18 seconds to go.  The teams now have two days off before game 2 on Saturday night, 8:00 eastern, on NBC.

Game 2 of the NBA Finals is tonight at 9::00 eastern, on ABC.  However, the finals was somewhat upstaged by the announcement that Shaq was calling it quits after 19 seasons.  A man with many varied interests, I'm sure he won't have a problem adjusting as other retired players sometimes do.  Though I am not a big NBA fan, it has been fun to come of age with him, a once in a generation kind of player.

Well the Dodgers got paid, but then must have partied all night, as the came out flat and were shut out by the Rockies 3-0.  Only 7 games on the baseball fields tonight, as the teams made the most of the get-away day. 

It's Li v. defending champ Schiavone for the ladies French Open title, and the mens semi-finals are tomorrow at 11:00 am eastern on NBC.  Ladies final Saturday, men Sunday.  Two weeks after that we head to the Sedge's fatherland to sip tea and wear white - and then the world's toughest tennis season begins.  Friends in the NYC area, be on the lookout for info on our annual trip to the US Open coming soon.

There is news that the NFL owners and players had a secret meeting last night and into today, and that while there are still some big issues at hand, that perhaps a corner has been turned, and there could be an agreement yet this month.  That still throws off all the rookies, but training camps could possibly start on time.  Get it done!

Headed out of town again this weekend,  this time for the wedding of some good friends - it's kind of the middle of nowhere, so we shall see if I can use the Android Blogger app to post - I'll be back Sunday night to recap the weekend's events.  I hope you have a wonderful one wherever you are!

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The love of sports is shared across the generations, and there are few things as fun as debating the merits of certain players, strategies, and team histories with other, opposing sports nuts.  If you are an all around sports fan, feel free to join the ride, and please comment/vent whenever you feel you need to. 


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