June 16, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday June 16th

Good Afternoon Friends!

Today, all of Boston is drinking from the Cup of happiness.

It was indeed an up and down game - the officials, aware of the choppy state of the first six games, pocketed their whistles (only 3 minors all game), and play was rather fast and exciting for the first 14 minutes.  Then, after a stoppage, the Bruins stole a Vancouver face off win, and Marchond fired a pass to the center that Bergeron was just able to get his stick on - but he did, and the shot through 3 guys sailed past Luongo's right skate and it was 1-0 Boston. 

The 2nd goal (Marchond), at 12:13 of the 2nd, was a classic wrap around - he had shot the puck at one side of the net, which was stopped, but then Luongo bumped into one of is own defensemen as he tried to slide across to stop the wrap - which at first, he did, but then his momentum pushed the puck across the line and Boston had the 2 goal lead.

The Canucks finally got a power play at 16:07 of the 2nd -and it was Chara, so everyone from the bench to the tv guys knew this was the best chance for Vancouver to get back into it.  Nothing much happened in the first 1:20 of the advantage, when play was stopped as Thomas covered the puck.  The tv guys were all calling for Vancouver to call a time out, reset their top line - but it didn't happen, and the Bruins won the faceoff, and fired the puck up ice - right onto the stick of Bergeron, who raced into the offensive zone all alone.  The defense finally caught up to him as he went to take the shot, but in so doing, they took him down - the refs arm went up - and then, both guys slid past Luongo, and the puck bounced off of them and into the net.  Reviewed, quickly, and good - a shorthanded goal, 3-0 Boston, and from there, you knew it was over.

Nothing much happened in the 3rd, until Vancouver pulled Luongo with a little over 3 minutes left - the Bruins shortly thereafter got the puck, and there was Marchond again, the empty netter made it 4-0, and Thomas made it stand up.  With his stellar performance, Tim Thomas was named the playoff MVP, and he became the first NHL goalie to win the Stanley Cup Game 7 -  with a shutout, on the road.

And then, just as in 1994, downtown Vancouver was set ablaze.  That's not the Canada we thought we knew - I guess all these years of seeing USA based teams winning the Cup is hard to take.  Hoping those responsible for the burning and looting are brought to justice. 

And with that, the winter sports part of The Eternal Season is finally over.  It's time for summer fun, and summer fun and games.

Which means - baseball season, and summer would be a good time for the Dodgers to start putting things together.  That is, if that is even possible, with the ownership circus going on around them.  Swept last night by the Reds, giving Houston a try tonight.  Elsewhere, it was the pitching again. Beckett, who threw a 1-hitter at the Rays.  In the Senior Circuit, Hernandez of the Nats tossed a 3-hitter in blanking the Red Birds.  And the Mets staff combined to 2-hit the Braves.  Pitching payback for the steroid era?

Checking NFL pages...nothing about football...nothing...it's June 16.  Oh wait, the NFL has assured Indy they will get to host another Super Bowl, soon, if this one is canceled.  *Shudders*. 

Ah, here is some good football news - former Hawkeye lineman Josh Koeppel has made the USA Football National Team - it's an 8 man football tourney that happens every four years, and this year it's being held in Austria.  You would be right there with me if you are wondering if this will be on tv here.  It's football!!!

The US Open - Golf, has begun, down the road a bit in DC; the NBC coverage starts at 3:00 pm today,  but if you have ESPN3, you can watch it online now, and Golf Channel always has excellent coverage leading up to the broadcast part. Pulling for Lefty this weekend.

It's Thursday afternoon, your weekend is starting to round into view.  Have a wonderful day!

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