June 19, 2011

The Eternal Season - Sunday June 19th

Good Evening TES Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with friends and family - sad that they go so fast, and Monday has to lurk again right around that corner.

In the sporting world, this weekend was primarily about the US Open, and when it came to drama, it was sorely lacking this time around.  Tiger who?  Yes, 22 year old Rory McIlroy completed the rare wire to wire win, with no late hole drama, as happened in the Masters.  Nope, in fact, his 16 under score won it by 8 strokes, and the score was 4 better than Tiger's romp back in 2000. 12 new US Open and Congressional records were set by Rory with his performance.  Hard to say if Tiger can overcome the injuries of late - if not, we may be seeing what is next already.

Inter-league baseball was the other major weekend highlight, two good games in Wrigley got the hyper-attention of the media, the rubber match tween the Yanks and Cubs is going on now.  The Dodgers finally broke their 5 game losing streak, getting a run in the bottom of the 8th to beat Houston 1-0 this afternoon.  Finally looks like there will be a resolution to the ownership mess soon - Dodger Nation is hoping that it leads to someone else.  Tomorrow the Tigers come to Chavez Ravine, so LA gets a taste of inter-league round 2. 

We are now down to 75 days (and counting) until college football returns, and there has been no new news over the weekend concerning the NFL talks.  There has been news, but it's about players getting in trouble or throwing verbal barbs back and forth.  Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow brings us the 3rd Slam of the tennis year, as we go to the Sedge's old homeland for a fortnight at Wimbledon.  The draw was yesterday - and shall we say, it generated a lot of buzz on the world wide web.  Why?  Opening round match (Tuesday), Isner v. Mahut - Part Two (or four).  They of the epic 3 day, 70-68 5th set match to open the tournament last year.  This edition should be nowhere near as dramatic - but if it goes to a 5th, stop what you are doing and turn on the tv.

Tonight also sees the US soccer team advancing to the Gold Cup semi-finals with their 2-nil win over Jamaica.  That result, much better.  The US U-17 kids are currently playing in their World Cup, and tonight they knocked off the 'Checa' Republic 3-0 in group play.  A good day for USA soccer all around.

All right gang, Monday creeps for me as well - I will be away from the Mac for much of this week, so I'll be using the mobile Blogger app on the Droid.  Tech marches on, just like The Eternal Season!

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