June 27, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday June 27th

Hello Again TES Friends!

It's Monday. Hoping coffee/donuts/whatever is helping you get your week kick started, and that you had an enjoyable weekend.

We start today with baseball, and breaking news that the Dodgers have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware. There have been official statements about everything continuing for the staff, players, fans, with no disruption. It's almost certain now that the June 30th payroll can't be met, I'm not sure how this filing will impact the seizure by MLB when that happens. Dodger fans are hoping that on July 1st, they will awaken to news that the Garvey group (or others, including Mark Cuban) have begun the process to buy the team.

And to go with this positive news, they actually won a game last night, finally salvaging one from the not-LA Angels, a 3-2 win. The Bums had to score 2 in the bottom of the 9th to do it. Perhaps the kind of win to finally get things moving in the right direction? They are off to Golden Rodent land today for a series against the Twins, who are sub .500 at home. A good chance to put a winning streak together.

It's a very busy Monday across the pond, and the news of the day (so far) is that Serena got dumped in straight sets by Bartoli. Currently, Venus is down a set and a break in her match. And just now, the top seed, Wozniacki has been knocked out. Seeds seem to be holding on the Men's side. A reminder, if you have ESPN3, you can watch while you work.

Onto soccer, where things started very well Saturday night, as the US jumped out to a 2-nil lead in the Gold Cup final. But, as the Rose Bowl is a road game when playing Mexico, they were able to tie it up before half, and then get two more in the 2nd to complete the comeback. Comeback or epic collapse, depending on your point of view. Over in Germany, the USA ladies are making final preparations for their opening match in the Women's World Cup, against North Korea, at 11:45 am eastern tomorrow (Tuesday), on ESPN. The gals are still trying to follow up the memorable 1999 Cup with another one - they are not the favorites, but they are contenders.

More meetings are scheduled for the NFL owners and players this week - the players were updated over the weekend with where things stand, a few have spoken out that things are moving along. It's June 27th - July arrives this very week. 66 days and counting until the NCAA takes to field.

Ah, what's a weekend without a good riot somewhere? Soccer, this time, and down in Argentina. Seems one of the long time powers (River Plate), a 110 year old club, lost a match yesterday that resulted in them being relegated for the first time in history. The fans - were not happy. Seems no one was seriously hurt, but there was damage to businesses and such. The timing, bad, as Argentina has all of South America coming in for the Copa America starting this weekend. The government hoping the national team does not disappoint. The ugly side of sports, often exposed by too many fans drinking way too much.

Just about lunch time here in the east, so the Monday is moving along, it will end soon. Catch you tomorrow - have a good day!

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