June 10, 2011

The Eternal Season - Friday June 10th

Good Morning TES Friends!  Happy Friday!

That was quite a front that rolled through here late afternoon Thursday!  It dropped temperatures about 20 degrees in about 30 minutes, and gave us a good show with the lights, sound, and rain.  Scattered rain here for the weekend, but the temps are looking good!  Spring, you have 11 days left - don't be in a hurry to get out of here. 

It was another crazy night in the NBA Finals, once again, a very close contest, where Miami finally seemed maybe to seize control, only to have Dallas charge back and pull away down the stretch.  LeBron, a triple double for the game, was not a factor as time elapsed and the Mavs applied the killer run in the 112-103 final.  Miami does have games 6 and 7 at home, but we must now see if Wade's hip injury limits him in any form.  We will also see if those alleged lousy fans can help the Heat get over the hump.  Got to think if game 6 is close, the mental edge will be with Dallas.  They both have 2 days to think about it, game 6 is Sunday night at 8:00 eastern on ABC.

There was news yesterday that the NBA owners and players are far apart on a new deal - which means a July 1st lockout seems certain.  This has been a great final, perhaps they should think about the good will it has generated.
Stanley Cup game 5 tonight, in Vancouver, and yes, Luongo is starting in goal for the Canucks.  Will the home cooking be enough to stop the free fall that the President's Cup winner has been in the past two games?  We shall see at 8:00 eastern on NBC.  I'm expecting a great game, and the fan support is not an issue in this series.

Well, that's a game in Colorado.  Koufax-Light actually held the Rockies scoreless through 5, and the Dodgers had a lead as big as 7-3, but then it fell apart and they lost 9-7.  It's June 10th, when is that first June payroll due?  Come save us, Steve Garvey!

In these parts, the game in the Bronx was delayed over 3 hours by the aforementioned rain, and the Yankees scored 2 in the first with C.C on the mound, and I'm sure all were feeling well.  But then the Sox stuck a seven run 7th on them, and finished off the sweep 8-3.  The game ended about 15 minutes before 2:00 am.  Maybe the Yankees' problem is just the Red Sox -  the season mark is now in favor of Boston 8-1.  Oh, and the news for New York got even worse last night, as it seems Jaba has a torn ligament in his elbow - if confirmed, that's Tommy John, and a year of rehab to come back.  The not so bad Indians roll into town tonight, where I'm sure the Yankees will be glad for the change of scenery across the diamond.

Oh look, there is news on Pryor again, and this time there is only interest in the NFL.  It also seems that had he not quit, he would have been ineligible - so he just jumped the gun.  83 days out from the start of college football, it will be nice when we have some on the field news to talk about. 

Ok, with that, I'll let you get on to getting your work done and getting out of there for the weekend!  Have a great day!

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