May 11, 2011

TES - 5/11/11

Good Afternoon, Sports Fans!

You may have noticed the post count in TES shot through the roof last night, thanks to some Blogger users I found the setting to back-date posts, and so now every one of my Hawkeye Football Game Notes can be found here - all the way back to 2005, dated on the day of the actual games themselves.  Go back in time and see where I started overdosing on the Kool-Aid.  And yes, the early ones are a much quicker read. 

Tuesday was another interesting night in the ongoing saga of post-season series.  On the ice, the Red Wings have climbed all the way out of the 3-0 hole with a 3-1 win over the Sharks - that deciding game 7 will be Thursday night.  If completed, that would be the just 4th 3-zip comeback in the NHL.  All the scoring was in the 3rd in this one, with San Jose grabbing the lead, only to see it slip away in front of a typical Joe Louis madhouse. 

Back on the hardwood, the Bulls pulled away in the 4th to win game 5, 95-83.  The will have to go back to Atlanta to wrap it up, the ESPN experts seem to think that won't happen, and a game 7 back in Chicago will be needed.  Meanwhile, the Heat will try to send the Celtics to the golf course at 7:00, then the deadlocked Grizzlies/Thunder game 5 tips at 9:30.  Both games are on TNT.

No near no-hitters again last night, though the Giants and Diamondbacks went scoreless to the bottom of the 9th, where SF got the walk off run.  Staying in the NL West, the Dodgers didn't need to quibble over a blown call here or there, they pounded out 15 hits in a 10-3 drowning of the Pirates.  The MLB quarterly business meetings are starting here in NYC today - no, I am not outside the offices waiting to throw eggs at the Dodgers owners, but the thought was kind of tempting.  Reports seem to indicate he will have little to no support from the other owners.

And last, we now sit 112 days away from the start of college football (114 for the Hawkeyes), and there continues to me smoke around the Buckeyes situation, this time regarding potential sweet deals for cars in exchange for game passes and stuff.  In light of the other issues, I'm not sure how much that will effect the NCAA's ruling on Ohio State's self-punishments.  But it does point ever more to the dreaded lack of institutional control.  The Sweater has got to be sweating. 

Now past noon on the east coat, the formal work week is now on the downside.  I hope yours is going well!  Onto the listings.

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