May 17, 2011

TES - 5/17/11

Greetings from a very waterlogged New York!  And we are only halfway done with this trend?  Oh well, can't change the weather (ok, we can, just not in the short term), so might as well deal with it.

As mentioned yesterday, it was a pretty slow night on the gaming front, but there was major news, and it was not good.  Well, if you are on the side of the owners it was good.  Hard to say whose side I am on, it depends on the day and the press conferences.  Yesterday the 8th circuit appeals court sided with the NFL owners and ordered that the lockout be granted a permanent 'stay'.  In other words, there is not really anything the 'union' can do now on the legal front.  They are again in mediation today, but all the momentum is now with the NFL owners.  We are into the back half of May now, that means training camps open in about 8 weeks.  The fans, we want our football - and we don't want crappy football if there is a last minute deal that gets the players on the field, but not ready to play.  Get it done and get the off season going.

While the arenas were quiet, the ballparks were all lit up and every one of the 15 games was played with no rainouts to be found.  The most worthy discussion from Monday night centers around pitching futility.  Oh look, it's those Royals again!  Consider, their starter (Indians in town) could not get out of the 1st - so he was replaced, and that reliever got as far as the 3rd, but then he walked the first batter, so in came reliever Mazzaro.  He actually got out of the 3rd with the score still at 3-0 Cleveland, so he held.

After the Royals went scoreless in the bottom of the 3rd, Mazzaro went back out there to start the 4th.  Suffice to say, it didn't go so well.  By the time the half inning ended, the Indians had sent 13 men to the plate, with 8 hits and 10 runs (a couple walks thrown in for good measure), and the score Cleveland 13 Kansas City 0. 

The Royals got one back in the bottom of the 4th, so out went Mazzaro again, and he got the first guy.  But then, double, walk, single, single and he was finally replaced - in fact, bumped down to the minors when the game ended.  His line, 2.1 innings, 11 hits, 3 walks, 14 runs.  It was, in fact, historic.  The Stats guys say that he is the first pitcher since 1900 to give up 14 runs in less than 3 innings.

Far away both literally and figuratively, the Dodgers and Brewcrew battled to a 2-1 final with the Bums falling again.  On this coast the Yanks have dropped 6 in a row, and now sit just a game over .500 with another game in Tampa tonight.  The locals are restless. 

Reminder, Bolts/Bruins at 8:00 on Versus, Thunder/Mavs at 9:00 on ESPN, the lead in to that game features the NBA Draft Lottery at 8:30. 

I won't have any, but may some sunshine find its way into your day!  Have a good one!

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