May 10, 2011

TES - 5/10/11

We're back - hello again, TES friends!

As much enjoyment that being a sports fan brings us, we are again sadly reminded that in many of them, the pursuit of greatness can come with incredible risk.  In fact, the current issue of ESPN The Magazine is called 'The Danger Issue,' and highlights many of the plays that are most dangerous in sports.  On Monday, we were presented with a vivid example of those risks.

In the Giro d'Italia, one of the other major races on the cycling circuit, 26 year old Belgian rider Wouter Weylandt was killed when, at somewhere nearly 50 mph, his cycle clipped a retaining wall on a major decent - the resulting crash caused major head injuries.  Emergency workers were on the scene immediately and spent 40 minutes trying to revive Weylandt, but the injuries were too severe.  There was speculation that his team would drop out of the race, but today, all the teams are riding together at a slow place in memory of their fallen competitor.

Everything we do carries some kind of risk, I know you have all seen those stats about how most car accidents occur very close to home.  In many parts of the world, even some places here, sports, even the risky ones, are often an escape from the guaranteed dangers that lurk outside the safe confines of the stadium or field.  And then there are things like obscene sums of money and eternal adulation from millions of fans.  These games will continue to be played, and the races will be run.  In some cases, technology can make the athletes safer, but in others, there is really nothing that can be done.  Well into the future, there will be risk in sports, just as there is in living an active life.

Back then to this country and sporting events that just featured incredible drama, with perhaps a few injuries here or there.

Rarely will I lead with pro hoops, but it was some night in the NBA as both games could not be settled in the required 48 minutes.  In Boston, the Celtics again looked old when overtime arrived, they were only able to manage 4 points in the 5 minutes and fell to the King and his Heat, 98-90.  Miami now has a 3-1 lead with game 5 Wednesday night in south Florida.  Adios, Celtics.

Exciting as that was, that was merely the one overtime game.  The nightcap also featured game 4 in the Grizz/Thunder series, and that required a full 15 minutes (3 overtimes) to settle - where OKC had shots to win it at the buzzer in regulation, overtime 1, and overtime 2.  Finally, the Thunder wore down the Grizzlies, and in the 3rd extra session they scored 14 points while Memphis could only manage 4, final 133-123, series now tied up at 2, with game 5 back in OKC after the Celtics/Heat game tomorrow night.

Bulls and Hawks are even at 2, that game 5 is tonight in Chicago.  That leaves the 4th series, which is now done.  Didn't see this coming - The Zen Master was shown the door (sort of, he'll probably do something in the front office for LA) with a broom.  Cuban is still silent, though he seemed to high-five every fan in the lower bowl of the arena when game 4 ended.  Plenty of people that get paid to write are commenting on the Laker's complete mental meltdown, I don't need to add any more.

Now to the ice, the Canucks finally decided that playing with fire is, yes, risky, so they dispatched the Preds 2-1 to claim the series at 4-2.  All that's left for the Pro Frozen Four is the Sharks/Red Wings series, that game 6 is tonight in Detroit (8:00, Versus) with San Jose up 3-2.  Closing out the Wings in the Joe will not be easy.

The fewest number of hits that any MLB team got on Monday was 4 (Oakland, but they still managed to score 7 runs and beat Texas 7-2) so the pitchers relented a bit for at least one day.  15 games on tap for today, including the Dodgers, who can't be happy with their umpiring crew as they take on the Pirates again - they are having enough trouble scoring runs, the don't need the empires saying outfielders catch balls that clearly bounce first, as was the case yesterday with the game 1-1 in the 8th.  LA lost 4-1. 

The Terps now have their new head coach, Mark Turgeon, who leaves Texas A&M for a much easier hoops recruiting hotbed in the ACC.

That's all for today, we are currently in a pattern of near-perfect weather here in New York, I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods as well!

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