May 8, 2011

TES - 5/8/11

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

Well, Saturday was a day that was supposed to give us a bit of clarity on the courts and the ice. but things don't always work out that way.  So for we sports fans, some of these series are going on for a bit longer.

Let's start on the ice.  The Canucks had a 2-1 lead after the 1st, but the Preds got one in the 2nd to knot it up.  Then in the 3rd, Nashville's Joel Ward blew up for two goals, and nearly another, as they built a 4-2 lead.  Vancouver was able to get one back, but the Predators were able to withstand the final 6 man assault, and now head back to Nashville for game 6, 8:00 pm Monday.  We only have look back to round one, when the Canucks allowed the 3-1 down Black Hawks to come all the way back to game 7.  You play with fire...

Tonight the Sharks will again attempt to eliminate the Red Wings, in game 5, from the Shark Tank.  8:00 pm, Versus.

A very interesting day on the hardwood as well.  First, the Grizzlies overcame a 16 point hole by clamping down on OKC and only allowing them 10 points in the 4th.   That took the game to overtime, and from there, the deflated Thunder wilted, and Memphis stole the 101-93 victory, and 2-1 series lead.  Game 4, Monday night, 9:30.

Up in Boston, the previously just old looking Celtics remembered that defense wins championships (wait, is that in football?), so they flexed that muscle and cooled off the Heat, 97-81.  Rondo suffered what appeared to be a vary scary elbow injury, and though he returned in the 4th quarter, there is some question of his ability to go in game 4 - Monday night at 7:00. 

Today we begin to see if Kobe knows something we don't, as the Mavs look to sweep the Lakers out and Phil Jackson into retirement in game 4.  That's in Dallas at 3:30, ABC.  Mark Cuban has been eerily quiet this post season.  Maybe that's the key to their success. 

Tonight the Bulls look to go up 3-1 on the Hawks in game 4, in Atlanta.  8:00 pm, TNT.

Only hours after I mentioned the offensive woes in MLB, the pitchers struck again.  Full disclosure, I'm old school - I like 3-1 games.  You know, baseball scores, not typical AL type 12-7 games.  So pitchers having the upper hand is a good thing.

We start in Toronto, where Detroit's Justin Verlander was one walk away from a perfect game - but he still got his 2nd career no-hitter, in a 9-0 Tiger win.  Just 3 minutes after this game started, the Brewers and Red Birds tipped off in St. Louis.  The Milwaukee starter, Yovani Gallardo, did something different before the game - he borrowed/stole a teammate's (shorter) pair of pants, which meant he was showing old-style socks (though no stirrups).  He went old style on the Cardinals, not allowing a hit until the 8th, and that was the only one St. Louis got, as the Brewcrew got the 4-0 shutout.  The closer did pitch the 9th, so it was not a complete game for Gallardo, but a job well done none the less.

Game 2 of the Can I Get A Lone? series again went to the Mets, as the Dodgers went an anemic 1-13 with RISP, and left the bases loaded 3 times without scoring.  The hitting will come around, but of greater concern for we Dodger fans is the pitching, especially the bullpen.  Umm, these are the Dodgers...owners who we will not name - it's the pitching, stupid.  Andre Ethier's hitting streak died at 30 games, the 4th consecutive time a MLB hitting streak that got to 30 never got to 31.  The Dodgers will look to salvage one game from this NYC visit, and Koufax-Light gets the ball today, so that's a good place to start.  1:10 pm, on SNY.  It's Sunday, so all the games are day starts, with the exception of Sunday Night Baseball, Braves at Phillies. 

At the Derby, Animal Kingdom - a horse that had not raced in 6 weeks, and never on dirt, broke from the middle of the pack on the final turn and pulled away down the stretch to win by 2.5 lengths.  Secretariat's 1973 course record is still safe - it's about 2.5 seconds faster than this one.  It's onto Baltimore for leg two of the Triple Crown.

Saturday was wrapped up with the fight, if you can call it that, from all the various recaps I have seen.  My man Sugar just seemed content to collect his $5 million, which, for a little over a half hour of work seems all right by me.  Manny gets $20 million, and as he was dishing out all the pain, that seems an even better deal.  Is it just me, or is boxing missing something without name brand heavyweights?

At the 38 minute mark, ManU is up 2-nil on Chelsea. I think that's on Fox Soccer if you wish to check in.

That's your recap for Sunday.  If you are with your Mom, don't let her do any work today if you can.  If you are not, be sure to give her a call.  And if she was a 'soccer' mom who drove you all over to your practices, be sure to give her an extra special hug.

That's it, I hope you have had a wonderful weekend - I won't be around my Mac for most of tomorrow, so I'll be testing out the Android Blogger app on the phone.  Now, your listings for Sunday.

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