May 23, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday May 23rd

Good Afternoon Sports Fans!

Saturday 6:00 pm came and went, with nary a rumble to be found.  If that guy had said anything about another worldwide flood, he might have been on to something.  Another week of rain slated for every day here in New York!

Anyway, here's hoping the paid media types can now get back to focusing on issues that actually matter.  You know, Mideast 'peace', global warming causing bigger, deadlier storms (my thoughts with those in Joplin, Missouri). Health care costs going through the roof, that kind of stuff.  Sadly, in an era when attention spans can't allow for such discussion, it will only be a matter of time before another fruitcake will come to dominate the airwaves.

And so we return to our comfort zone, the world of sports, and while the weekend was full of lots of on the court action, the lead today concerns when real life intercedes with the sanctity of the field.

I was elated to learn yesterday that the LAPD had made an arrest of the main suspect in the brutal opening day beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow.  Fans of the best rivalry in baseball have no love for each other, but violence must be met with swift and harsh punishment.  I fully support the LAPD using whatever creative means to get this animal to give up the name of his beating accomplice and the woman who drove them away from the scene.  It seems that in recent years that certain sections of Dodger Stadium have been overrun with classic gang-bangers.  The new ownership group must make their first priority the removal of any potential trouble makers to ensure a day at the ballpark is safe for families, and opposing fans alike.

Back on this coast, the Subway series is over, with the Yanks taking 2 of 3.  Today news broke that in the newest issue of the New Yorker, Mets owner Fred Wilpon took some very pointed shots at certain players, namely Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran.  This is on the heels of a few recent articles wondering how the Yankees are going to look in the future; with the old-ish players they have locked up in long term, high dollar contracts.  It's an interesting time for those that are NY baseball fans.

Back on the diamond Sunday, the three stars were: The Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez, who only gave up 2 hits to the Brewers, but still lost 3-1.  Next, James Shields of the Rays, who allowed 3 hits in a shutout of the Marlins, and last, the Tigers Rick Porcello, who also hurled a 2 hitter in shutting out the Pirates.  Fresh off losing 2 of 3 in Chicago, the Dodgers head to Houston, where Kershaw will get the ball tonight, and that gives the Bums about their best chance to win currently.

On the ice, the east finals is indeed looking to go 7 games, as we had quite a game in Boston on Saturday.  The Bruins led 3-0 after the 1st; trying to go up 3-1 on the Bolts, but then in a five minute stretch of the 2nd, they fell apart and Tampa was able to tie it up.  At 3-all heading to the 3rd, the Bruins held firm for most of the period, but then Tampa got the go ahead, and then empty net goal for the 5-3 victory.  Series 2 all, game 5 tonight in Boston, 8:00 eastern, on Versus.

In the west the Sharks were not able to win game 4, so they now face elimination as they head to Vancouver for that game 5, Tuesday night at 9:00 eastern, also on Versus.

Both NBA series are now 2-1, in the east the Heat lead after downing the Bulls 96-85, in a game where the King only had 10 points and Wade 9 (Bosh, 34 to lead Miami).  In the west, the Mavs look to go up 3-1 on OKC tonight, 9:00 eastern, ESPN.

Now 34 years and counting for another Triple Crown winner, as Animal Kingdom came in a very close 2nd to Shackleford.  It sounds like both horses will show up for the rubber match, at the Belmont in three weeks, but with no Crown on the line, the buzz will certainly lack. 

While the NFL owners have another round of regularly scheduled meetings starting today, there was no new news over the weekend about any movement , of any kind, toward a resolution.  But, Ray Lewis spoke up, and warned that crime rates will increase if the NFL season is delayed or canceled.  I'm not sure of what correlation the two might have, other than when Ray Lewis speaks about crime, he knows where he is coming from. 

The indoor games will have no problem tonight, but outside there is a severe weather threat for much of the country.  We are now fully into kid's ballgame seasons, where the love of sports is first planted.  Hoping no matter what games you are watching, that you have a wonderful and safe night!

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The love of sports is shared across the generations, and there are few things as fun as debating the merits of certain players, strategies, and team histories with other, opposing sports nuts.  If you are an all around sports fan, feel free to join the ride, and please comment/vent whenever you feel you need to. 


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