May 20, 2011

TES - 5/20/11

Good Afternoon Friends!

So here we sit, mere hours away from the worldwide earthquakes that will begin far out in the Pacific (would make for great surfing, I hear) and work their way around...

Ok, so the odds of that happening are right up there with this: Iowa winning the BCS national title, the NCAA Final Four title, and the Cubs winning the World Series - all within one calendar year.

So, the games will be going on Saturday night, Sunday, and well on into the future.  Sure, the end might come someday, but it will be our doing, not coming from above.  Well, unless it's a really big asteroid - just ask the dinosaurs. 

Back to more current events.  On the ice, the series that was supposed to be about great goaltending finally looked like it, as Tim Thomas killed 31 shots and the Bruins went a game up on the Bolts, by a 2-0 score.  Game 4 will be Saturday at 1:30 on NBC.  Tonight the Sharks look to start climbing out of the 0-2 hole the Canucks put them in, 9:00 pm on Versus.

With all this apocalypse talk it's fitting the Thunder responded in game 2 to even up the western conference final at 1 all, with a 106-100 win in Dallas.  No NBA games tonight, the west game 3 is Saturday night and the east game 3 is Sunday night.  That's right, the east series started first.

Tonight round 1 of MLB inter league play begins, with the Mets and Yankees dueling locally, and the most noteworthy series being in Boston, where the Cubs visit for the first time since the 1918 World Series, won by the Sox in 6 games.  Recent reports indicate the northsiders may have done in 1918 what the southsiders did in 1919.  We will probably never know the truth, only that the Cubs are still wandering in the desert.

Well what do you know, the Dodgers scored 1 run again, and lost.  Starting to think everything is a lost cause unto the owners who shall not be named are gone.  With the end of May approaching rapidly, there is still the possibility they won't be able to make the end of month payroll.  If that happens, MLB steps in and forces the sale.  Please, let it come to this!

The Big Ten Network announced their football prime time schedule last night, and sure enough, it's Mild Cats at Hawks at 7:00 eastern on October 15th.  That's actually the 2nd of 3 straight weeks that the Cats play a night game.  Maybe someone thinks they are special?

The tennis season kicks into high gear as the French Open begins on Sunday, with Nadal the favorite, but the ever goofy Djokovic looms as a major threat due to his excellent play of late.  The clay is always entertaining, look for two great weeks of tennis to get the run to the US Open going.

Speaking of high gear, the Indy 500 get serious as Pole Day (Saturday, 11:30, Versus), and Bump Day (Sunday, Noon, Versus) arrive this weekend, and by the end of the day Sunday the field will be set for the race for the milk. 

That's it for Friday, I hope your week is nearly done, and that you have a wonderful and safe weekend.  If there is any shaking going on here, it will be because my subwoofer is cranked to some classic rock!

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