May 13, 2011

TES - 5/13/11 - Boo!

Hello Again Sports Fans!

We're back after another beautiful day in the City, but we couldn't have posted yesterday anyway as there was a temporary crash of Blogger.  Though it's back, they still have not restored the painstaking edits I did to the blog format Wednesday (to better show my Game Notes - the Stats box doesn't work with this format).  Whenever the current issues are fixed, TES will appear under the new look.  New look for now, it may change as TES evolves over time.

We start on the ice, as the Final Four, aka Conference Finals are now all set.  The Sharks were finally able to stop the bleeding and put away the Wings in game 7, with a 3-2 score.  That sets up the Western Conference tilt against the Canucks, so it features the two teams who had 3-0 leads, only to lose 3 straight and see their series go 7 games.  Over in the East, no such issues, as the Bolts and Bruins will meet fresh off their recent sweeps.  The Finals kick off Saturday night, in the East - 8:00 pm on Versus.

In the NBA, the East Finals are all set, as the Bulls blew out the Hawks in game 6 to claim the series 4-2 and cement the awaited showdown with the Heat.  The Bulls have not been to the East Finals since 1998 - the last year of the 2nd Jordan 3-peat.  In the west, Dallas is resting, as the Thunder look to take out the Grizzlies tonight - but they will have to win in Memphis to do it.  9:00 pm, ESPN.

No major events in the ballparks yesterday, there is a near-full slate of games today, so we'll see if the pitchers can rise to the occasion as they did last weekend. 

In the golf world, the players are currently playing The Players, at the famous TPC Sawgrass (the island 17th).  The biggest sports news from Thursday came from here, and that was when Tiger bailed out after an opening nine 42 - +6.  Knee problems the obvious cause.  Clearly, a long stretch with him out hurts everyone on the tour when it comes to ratings and gate receipts.  I love this tournament, it was included with the original PGA Tour Golf game for the Mac - where my all-time best at Ponte Vedra was a stellar -36.  Note, my video game golf skills have nothing in common with my actual golf skills.

On the track, the NASCAR boys are in Dover to take on the Monster Mile, while at Indy the teams are practicing for next weekend's festivities, Pole Day on Saturday and Bump Day on Sunday.  But that's a week away, more on that as we get closer.

Nothing new to report on the college gridiron (sadly, or the NFL one getting any close to being used), besides the news that former Michigan QB Forcier won't be heading to Miami.  Check that, news now that Alabama O-lineman Aaron Douglas was found dead on Thursday morning.  He was just 21.  No information that I have found regarding the cause.  More as details emerge. 

Well our run of near-perfect days has come to a bit of an end, with more clouds than anything else today, and the chance of rain for pretty much the next 6 days straight.  A good time to stay inside and watch some sports on the old tv!  With that, your listings, enjoy the start to your weekend!

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The love of sports is shared across the generations, and there are few things as fun as debating the merits of certain players, strategies, and team histories with other, opposing sports nuts.  If you are an all around sports fan, feel free to join the ride, and please comment/vent whenever you feel you need to. 


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