May 2, 2011

Coming Soon - The Eternal Season Debut

Greetings to my many friends near and far.  For those that are Hawkeyes, Iowa Football 2011 returns in 123 days and counting.  If, like me, your sporting love never takes a season off, those fall Saturdays will be here in no time.

For those that are Caps fans - yes, my head is hurting from banging it on my desk.  Let's hope that getting away from the Phone Booth will result in purer focus and determination come Tuesday night.

Sorry, but we only have a passing interest in the NBA playoffs.  For we here at TES, hoops season ends with the Final Four.

This post is just a bit of a test, fooling around with various Blogger settings and such.  The Eternal Season will launch for real in the weeks ahead.  


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