May 22, 2008

TES - 100 Days Til Iowa Football - 2008 Edition

Hello again Hawkeye friends, both near and far!

At 12:00 noon Thursday, we are 100 days from our favorite time of the year.

Well, it sure has been miserable waiting ever since November 17th for this day to come.  For us, watching the bowl season sans Hawkeyes was no fun, for the players, they lost out on two extra weeks of NCAA sanctioned practice. Then we had to suffer through a hoops rebuild, a quick exit for the Hawkeye women from the March Madness, and another win for the Clones in the Cy-Hawk series.  Fortunately, the year was not a total loss, as Iowa Wrestling has restored the proper order of the universe.

The 2007 football season had its ups and downs, and the most frustrating part about the season ending loss was the appearance that the team had thought (as did we) that they had turned a corner in the back half of the Big Ten season, and frankly, flat out blew off Western Michigan because of it. Of course, those wins did indicate that things were getting better, so the hope is that this loss was a lot more about the mental condition of the team than their skill level or their execution.  As I think it was, I believe that there is optimism as we head into the 2008 season.

Once again, no Buckeyes or Wolverines, and the Badgers, Lions, Clowns, Wildcats, and Boilermakers must all visit Kinnick.  There are several, and some critical, holes to be filled, to be sure, but Iowa seems like it could be prepared in many cases to do so.