May 23, 2007

TES - 100 Days Til Iowa Football - 2007 Edition

Greetings NYC Hawks!

(And assorted other Hawkeye friends in places like Chi-Town and that town filled with Golden Rodents.)

My how time does fly.  We find ourselves again just 100 short days of our favorite time of the year.  Yes, last year it was tough to be a Hawkeye fan, but with each new school year hope springs eternal. And it’s true – Buckeyes and Wolverines are nowhere to be found on the schedule. Not in 2008, either.  The Hawks have some holes to fill but the schedule won’t be any easier than this year and next for many years to come.

Of course, all discussion beings with the end of the Drew Tate era and the beginning of the Jake Christensen years. He has had a leg up on the starter’s job since he is a red-shirt sophomore and has started a game.  But Jake is a true drop back (southpaw) QB – and the two red-shirt freshmen behind him on the depth chart (Nelson and Stanzi) are more of the mobile running type quarterbacks.   The Hawks must replace 3 starters on the offensive line, so it’s conceivable the running QBs might see some early action if the protection is not what we need to start. Then again, 0-line is what the Hawks do best (all 3 seniors gone, now in NFL camps) so I would not worry too much that the guys that step in will look very lost on the field.