May 24, 2006

TES - 100 Days Til Iowa Football - 2006 Edition

Greetings NYC Hawks!

Today we find ourselves just 100 days short of our favorite time of year.  Oh I know, today in fact it finally feels like the late Spring/early summer days that we have been waiting on.  Yet soon enough it will go from ‘nice’ to ‘too damn hot’ and we will all be longing for crisp Fall afternoons, marching bands, fight songs, chicken wings, and the annual thrashing of hapless schools like Illinois.

Yes, there are plenty of questions to be asked between now and September 2nd.  They are:

  1. Who will Drew Tate throw the ball to?
  2. Who will step forward to replace the All American linebackers who will now meet twice yearly with the Pack and Vikings?
  3. Who will replace the four year starters at cornerback?
  4. The d-line finally found its game late last year – will they emerge now as the dominant, game changing line like we enjoyed with Roth and Babs?
  5. Just how many yards will Albert Young rush for now that the starting job is all his?  1500?  1750? 2000?