September 2, 2006

TES - 2006 Hawkeye Football Game Notes Week 2

Iowa’s Record: 1-0. 0-0 Big Ten
Iowa’s Rankings
AP: #14 (800 votes)
USA Today: #15 (647 votes)
ESPN Power 16: #11
ESPNU Allstate: #16

2006 Iowa Football Schedule
September 2nd – Iowa v. Montana WIN 41-7
September 9th – Iowa @ Syracuse 3:35 PM, ESPN
September 16th – Iowa v. Iowa State 12:05 PM, TBD
September 23rd - Iowa @ Illinois 12:05 PM ESPN+
September 30th – Iowa v. Ohio State, 8:05 PM, ABC or ESPN
October 7th – Iowa v. Purdue (Homecoming), 12:05 PM TBD
October 14th – Iowa @ Indiana TBD
October 21st – Iowa @ Michigan TDB
October 28th – Iowa v. Northern Illinois TBD
November 4th – Iowa v. Northwestern (Family Weekend) TBD
November 11th – Iowa v. Wisconsin (Senior Day) TBD
November 18th – Iowa @ Minnesota TBD

September 9th, 2006: Iowa Hawkeyes @ Syracuse Orangemen 0-1, 0-0 Big East
Prior Games: 2, tied 1-1
Last Game: 1976, Iowa 41 Syracuse 3

Game Watch: ‘The Best Game Watch Outside Of Kinnick.’
BLONDIES SPORTS 212 West 79th, (Broadway/Amsterdam).
1 train to 79th street, half a block east.  Several parking garages are nearby.
NOTE: If sitting on bar stools/standing for 3 hours is not ideal for you, we will be reserving a couple tables on the restaurant side of Blondies.  We will not always have Hawkeye audio on the restaurant side.

PLEASE NOTE – Blondies opens at 11:30 – do not expect to be let into the bar before then!

Under Ferentz the Hawks are 3-1 in domes and have won three straight.  We fell to the Gophers at the end of the 2000 season, then knocked of Texas Tech in their backyard at the Alamo Dome in our 2001 bowl game and have had our way at Kinnick North in 2002 and 2004.

Last Week: Montana
First, a little bit about Kinnick stadium.  I’m not one to get teary eyed at the sight of buildings that house the gridiron but I must say when ESPNU went to IC and the first shot was from field level (looking up at that press box) my heart skipped a beat.  I wish our 20 something winning streak was still intact because if we get by the Ohio State game we may not lose there for another 20 some games.  And though I was one who was not happy that the Kinnick statue did not reflect the football player in the beginning I have come all the way around now.  Had he not given his life in service to his country he would most likely have been Senator or Governor Kinnick - at least.  We would still probably call the stadium “Kinnick” but his accomplishments in life would have made his exploits on the football field somehow seem less important.  Yet that is all we have.  I just hope the relief of him scoring the td to topple Notre Dame is done when I enter the stadium for the Buckeye game in 25 days.
As could be expected, things looked a little rusty on the offensive side of the ball during the opening half.  New receivers dropping passes, new receivers not being where Drew Tate thought they should be, and dumb, loss of focus penalties (we were the 4th least penalized team in Div. 1 last year) all added up to a ‘disappointing’ 17-0 halftime lead. Also worth noting that the play calling was somewhat boring – in fact both Tate and Young mentioned in the post game that the playbook was very basic for this game (heck, we only ran the wide receiver jail break screen once!) .  There was no need to open it up against Montana; we are not that kind of team.  Actually, the more basic we can keep the playbook (this week, no problem, next week we hope, week after that, no problem), the less the Buckeye scouts will have to report back to Columbus as they prep for the blood bath under the lights on September 30th.

Still, once Montana scored the touchdown (courtesy of the Young fumble) the Hawks asserted their dominance and put the game away by scoring on their last four possessions. More fine tuning can be done this week because we appear to be playing against a Div. 1.5A team this Saturday…

The defense – no problem.   Just 144 total yards given up.  True, the new corners did look a bit out of position on a few of the plays, but they didn’t let anything big get behind them.  They are real athletes and just need snaps.  The new ‘Mikes’ playing linebacker moved right in to snuff the run just as their now NFL playing predecessors did.  The d only gets better this week as Iwebema comes back and plants himself firmly in the Cuse backfield play after play.

This Week: Syracuse

Note – the Carrier Dome does NOT have AC.

Montana - Syracuse might be a good game.  Iowa – Syracuse…ehh, I don’t think so.  The Hawks have been in an opening-road game funk the past 3 years, so I do not believe for a moment that they are looking ahead to the Clone game. The Cuse have now lost 10 in a row after falling to football powerhouse Wake Forest on Saturday, a game where the Orange could only manage 136 total yards.  Their starting QB last week completed 5 of 18 passes for 45 yards (that’s no typo) and one td.  Four of the Cuse offensive linemen started their first game on Saturday, and probably are not much looking forward to having start #2 come against an Iowa line that is on the way to becoming one of the very elite defensive lines in the country (remember, none of them are seniors).

The offense will keep things as simple as possible again.  It should be interesting to see if the Hawkeye running backs can reach that extra gear inside the Carrier Dome.  Freshman receiver Dominique Douglas presented himself very well in his first game and starter Grigsby returns so look for Tate to have weapons all across the field and have another nearly flawless game as he did last week. That one award that Kinnick won in 1939 (I refuse to discuss it this early in the season) is perhaps starting to elevate Tate into the ‘contender’ list.

Special teams – in case you didn’t notice, Slicker the Kicker did NOT play due to a little leg cramp and his back up, redshirt freshman Austin Signor didn’t miss a beat, nailing all the extra points, two field goals, and almost every kickoff went into the end zone for a touchback.  The future looks very bright in the Iowa kicking game.

You may recall during our double-digit win seasons that the punt return teams dominated nearly every week.  Last week we came within a whisper of blocking two punts so I think we are on the verge of getting back to that point.  In fact, I am calling out the defense and special teams to EACH get a touchdown this week.

Look for another easy win and then the Hawks can get onto the task of putting one of those old 52-10 pastings on the Cyclones next week.  Ok, that may be a stretch, but we can hope.  According to the Iowa ticket office there are still “plenty” of tickets available to this game (if you were an Orange fan, would you want to pay money to see this?) so all the East coast Hawks (and Midwest, West coast Hawks) might completely drown out the fans in Orange and White before the score quiets them down.

If someone who is going to be at the bar this weekend wants to get one of the cds with the Iowa songs on it you will have to be able to meet me before I slip out of town at noon on Friday.

To those of you heading north, have a safe trip and we hope to see you at the Hawkeye Happy Hour on Friday night!  It is going to be a great weekend as we make Syracuse fans know what it feels like to be a Golden Gopher fan!!!

Why You Should Watch The Iowa Games At Blondies Sports

  1. A room full of Iowans, and Quasi-Iowans.
  2. Iowa games in glorious audio – we control the bar side stereo.  That means you hear the game.  And the fight song.  ON IOWA.  The Beer Song.  Maybe a little Hawkeye radio audio from the Capital One Bowl.
  3. A bar decked out in Hawkeye banners, flags, signs, etc.  Like the Sports Column…minus the attitude.
  4. It is a bar – meaning that once the game kicks off, you don’t have to drink Coke.  That is, unless you want to.  
  5. Speaking of audio…actual Hawkeye Marching Band alumni have been known to break out the brass and start jamming.
  6. Prizes.  From time to time, there will be raffles of cool Hawkeye gear.
  7. James the Bartender is back.  He was with us from 2001-2003, so he is as much a  
      part of NYC Hawkeye football as Matt, I, and all the regulars. Take care of him and he takes care of you!
   8. Should the Hawks lose, you don’t have to drown your sorrows by yourself.  Pain is a drink best shared with friends.
   9. Maybe the best chicken wings in the City.
  10. New for 2006!  New FLAT SCREEN TVS at Blondies!



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