September 17, 2005

TES - 2005 Hawkeye Football Game Notes - Week 3

Iowa’s Record 1-1, 0-0 Big Ten
Iowa’s Rankings
AP: #22
USA Today: #21
ESPN Power 16: Out
HARRIS: First poll 9/25
BCS: First poll 10/17

2005 Iowa Football Schedule
9/3/05 Iowa v. Ball State WIN 56-0
9/10/05 Iowa @ Iowa State LOSS 23-3
9/17/05 Iowa v. Northern Iowa 3:35 PM, ESPN+/ESPNU
9/24/05 Iowa @ Ohio State 12:05 PM, ABC
10/1/05 Iowa v. Illinois TBD
10/8/05 Iowa @ Purdue 4:35 PM, ESPN
10/15/05 Iowa v. Indiana TBD
10/22/05 Iowa v. Michigan TBD
10/29/05 Bye Week
11/5/05 Iowa @ Northwestern TBD
11/12/05 Iowa @ Wisconsin TBD
11/19/05 Iowa v. Minnesota TBD
1/2/06 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 4:30 PM ABC
1/2/06 Nokia Sugar Bowl 8:30 PM ABC
1/3/06 FedEx Orange Bowl 8:00 PM ABC
1/4/06 Rose Bowl – 2006 BCS Title Game 8:00 PM ABC

September 17th 2005 – Iowa Hawkeyes v. Northern Iowa Panthers 2-0, 0-0 Gateway
#9 USA Today Div. 1-AA Poll
Prior Games: 13, Iowa leads 12-1
Last Game: 1997 Hawks 66, Panthers 0

Game Watch: ‘The Best Game Watch Outside Of Kinnick.’
BLONDIES SPORTS 212 West 79th, (Broadway/Amsterdam).
1 train to 79th street, half a block east.  Several parking garages are nearby.
NOTE: If sitting on bar stools/standing for 3 hours is not ideal for you, we will be reserving a couple tables on the restaurant side of Blondies.  I cannot guarantee that you will have Iowa audio on that side, however - especially once the Big 10 season starts.

Last Week: Iowa State

Ok…the Hawks pulled out the Dr. Jekyll Saturday and handed the game to the Clones.  Note – Iowa State did not dominate/handcuff/etc. the Hawks.  Yes, they played well enough to win, but only thanks to the 5 turnovers that led to all 23 of their points (Iowa actually outgained the Clones in total yardage).  Were the Hawks somehow rattled in Jack Trice?  I think not – as most of the offensive weapons started games in Michigan and Penn State last year, with their 100K plus crowds.  No, they just seemed to be off somehow.  It may have something to do with the fact the offensive starters only played 18 minutes last week.  Rest assured they will play most of the game Saturday, regardless of the score. Should we be concerned about the rest of the season based on this game?  No – here is why:

  1. 2002.  Nine bad minutes in the 3rd quarter lose the game at Iowa State.  The Hawks go onto an 8-0 Big 10 season and play in their first BCS game, the Orange Bowl.  Too bad they had to be the first victim of the USC ‘NFC West’ team in that game.
  2. 2004.  5 turnovers (the last time we did that) give Michigan 27 of their 30 points and the Hawks lose a game that they really dominate on both sides of the ball.  From there, the Hawks go on a nine game winning streak and once again finish 8th in the country.  Oh, for good measure, the Hawks learned to hang onto the ball after that game – going +14 in turnover margin to lead the Big 10 and rank #6 in Division 1.
  3. The Iowa Running Game has awakened.  As bad as the QBs were Saturday, now-guaranteed-starter Albert Young ticked off a cool 140 yards on 18 carries (7.77 per carry).  Pair that with the game you know Tate (he is ok – will start) will have Saturday, and things should look like the Iowa offense we expected to see.

If you are a masochist, here is the ESPN recap of the game:

So into town comes that school from up there at the end of I-380.

***Why Are We Playing 1-AA Northern Iowa???***
One word…cowardice. Way back in the mid-90’s, Iowa and the Missouri Paper Tigers signed on for a four year deal (two home, two away) beginning this fall.  Then the Hawks got good.  Shortly after the Capital One bowl and our third straight finish of #8, the Paper Tigers decided they were going to play Arkansas State (that’s STATE…not the Razorbacks) in 2005 and 2006.  Huh?  It is supposedly some sort of ‘kickoff’ game, but make no mistake…they wanted to avoid an out of conference loss.  So after trying in vain to get a major program to come to town this fall (schedules were already done, of course, and in the cases where big schools had open weeks, they wanted to host the game.  With all the money flying around college football these days we could not give up the home game), we ended up with the Panthers.  Shortly after the Paper Tigers backed out of the 05 and 06 games, we cancelled the next two as well.  With any luck we’ll get to play them in a bowl one of these years.  Anyway, there is an upside.  The Hawks picked up a home and home with the Syracuse Orangemen beginning in 2006.  SAVE THE DATE – September 9, 2006.  ‘2nd Quasi Annual NYC Iowa Group Bus Trip’ to the Carrier Dome for the Iowa/Syracuse game!

This Week: Northern Iowa

Make no mistake – the Panthers sport a very good 1-AA football program.  They are 2-0 after beating up Drake (where the Sedge’s little brother is the Assistant Equipment Manager) 52-17 and then Minnesota-Duluth 49-14.  Thus they are due a little competition.  Soph QB Eric Sanders has thrown for 600 yards and 6 tds over the first two games, so look for Johnson and Allen to get plenty of action their way.  Otherwise expect the Iowa defense to play with all the more intensity – just to make sure the game is in hand in case the offense takes another week off!  But that is not likely to happen.  The Hawks will use this game to fine-tune the things that went wrong on Saturday, and I project they will emerge with a comfortable 30 point victory.  They must get it figured out this week – as next Saturday looms…

The Future:

…With a trip to Columbus and the Horseshoe.  You could kind of say this game was circled on the Buckeye’s calendar since the 33-7 pasting the Hawks put on them in Kinnick last year.  In fact, they might even be more amped for this than the Michigan game – as such they took back 4000 of the visitor tickets so there would be 4000 fewer Hawks/more Buckeyes in the stands.  FOR THIS GAME ONLY!  Yup…it will be a tough one.  Course, I’m a bit less concerned about the Buckeye and Wolverine games as both of them tanked on the Big 10’s ‘Black Saturday’.  Once again I expect the Hawks to play a very conservative offense this week, and then unleash all the new 2005 bells and whistles on the 24th for the rest of the Big 10 to think about. You know Greenway and Hodge will be playing like madmen, as the focus of the game will be on the linebackers. They don’t strike me as the type who like getting shown up.  Michigan just looked plain bad on both sides of the ball, so I am counting on the Hawks for a win in that game (in Kinnick) on Oct. 22nd. The Rose Bowl, well, that may be out of reach…but there is a lot of football left.  Enough football to get us back into the BCS as the Big 10 champs!

Why You Should Watch The Iowa Games At Blondies Sports
  1. A room full of Iowans, and Quasi-Iowans.  No comment.
  2. Iowa games in glorious audio – we control the bar side stereo.  That means you hear the game.  And the fight song.  ON IOWA.  The Beer Song.  Maybe a little Hawkeye radio audio from the Capital One Bowl.
  3. A bar decked out in Hawkeye banners, flags, signs, etc.  Like the Sports Column…minus the attitude.
  4. It is a bar – meaning that once the game kicks off, you don’t have to drink Coke.  That is, unless you want to.  
  5. Speaking of audio…actual Hawkeye Marching Band alumni have been known to break out the brass and start playing.
  6. Prizes.  From time to time, there will be raffles of cool Hawkeye gear.  A while back we gave away a Kirk Ferentz autographed football.  Imagine what that will be worth after he wins four or five national titles!
  7. James The Bartender is back.  He was with us from 2001-2003, so he is as much a  
part of NYC Hawkeye football as Matt, I, and all the regulars. Take care of him and he takes care of you!

It was great to see the turnout last Saturday, and I hope all the raffle winners are happy with their prizes!  We picked up about 750 bucks to buy supplies for our Iowa National Guard unit in Iraq.  Thank you – and I hope you all can make it back this week to see the Hawks start on their next winning streak!

See you Saturday at 3:30.  GO HAWKS!!!


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